Corporate Cards


  1. How often are the card statements fetched in?
  2. Is it possible to track corporate card spending based on the card billing cycle?
  3. What happens when I enable auto-match/create for corporate card transactions?
  4. Why are some transactions listed as Unexpensed? What does it mean?
  5. Can multiple cards be assigned to the same user?
  6. How can I re-assign a card to another user?
  7. How do I import a credit card statement for another user?
  8. What is the difference between deleting and marking a card as inactive?
  9. Should I add my corporate cards in Zoho Expense or Zoho Books?
  10. Can I add new cards using the mobile app?
  11. Can we add prepaid cards in Zoho Expense?
  12. What do I do if my bank is not familiar with the Direct Feed Integration?
  13. What should I do if I cannot import a file and an error message appears stating ‘Column headers cannot be empty’?
  14. Can I connect my business card using direct feed integration?
  15. Do I have to enter a username and password to log into direct feed integration?
  16. How can I check if the expenses are created from credit card transactions?
  17. Will I incur an extra cost to activate direct feed integration in my organization?
  18. Can I edit the expense amount in transactions fetched from cards?
  19. Can I exclude card transactions for other users?
  20. What happens when I try to import my card transactions that are already present in the organization?
  21. Can I import transactions for multiple cards at once?
  22. How secure is Direct feed integration?
  23. How many cards can be connected in the Free plan?
  24. Do I have to remove the duplicate transactions manually?
  25. Can I split the transactions?
  26. Imported transactions into the wrong card. Can I undo the action?
  27. In how many days will my card’s transactions be posted in Zoho Expense?
  28. Can I rename a card?
  29. If I update the login credentials for my card at the bank, will it get updated for my card in Zoho Expense automatically?
  30. How can I view my latest transactions?
  31. How can I import the transactions older than 90 days?
  32. Should I add my corporate cards in Zoho Expense or Zoho Books?

Real-Time Feeds

  1. What are real-time feeds?
  2. Is real-time feeds supported for all cards? Can I fetch all types of transactions in real-time?
  3. Why should I set up real-time feeds if I have already set up direct feed integration for my cards?
  4. Are there any restrictions on the number of cards that can be connected in a trial organization?
  5. What do I do if I’m unable to verify my card?
  6. Can I fetch the transactions that I’ve incurred before connecting the card?

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