1. How does the integration with Xero work?
  2. Can I export reports to Xero automatically?
  3. How are reimbursable expenses exported to Xero?
  4. How can I map the cards in Zoho Expense with the cards in Xero?
  5. When does data sync occur between Xero and Zoho Expense?
  6. Can I import tracking categories from Xero to Zoho Expense?
  7. Can I sync reimbursement details with Xero?
  8. Can I export attachments to Xero?
  9. How are the advances from Zoho Expense exported to Xero?
  10. After exporting a report, if I make changes to it in Zoho Expense, will those changes get automatically updated in Xero?
  11. How do I view the reports that are pending to be exported to Xero?
  12. Why are some customers who were created in Xero, not listed in Zoho Expense even after the sync?
  13. How do I disable the Xero integration?
  14. How do I disconnect the integration with Xero?
  15. Why are the receipts attached to an expense not getting exported to Xero? Is there any limit for the receipt size?
  16. Why am I unable to view the Export to Xero button?
  17. Is it possible to view the expenses under Draft status instead of Awaiting Payment in Xero?
  18. Why am I being redirected to Zoho Expense while setting up the integration in Xero?
  19. How to sync the departments in Xero with Zoho Expense?
  20. While accessing the Xero configuration page, why am I getting the error, ‘Sorry! Problem in connecting with Xero, please try again later. If the problem persists, contact support@zohoexpense.com’?
  21. How will the personal expenses be tracked in Xero when exported from Zoho Expense?
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