How to sync the departments in Xero with Zoho Expense?

If you’ve enabled the Zoho Expense and Xero integration, the accounts, customers, and tracking categories will be fetched from Xero. If you have configured departments as tracking categories in Xero, you can fetch them as tags into Zoho Expense. To fetch them as tags, the tags in Zoho Expense can be mapped with the tracking categories in Zoho Expense. To map the tags and tracking categories:

  1. Go to Admin View > Settings > Accounting & ERP > Xero > Show Details > Change Configuration.

  2. Under Tags, map the Zoho Expense tags with Xero tracking categories.

  3. Click Save. After mapping the tags and tracking categories, the existing options of the tags in Zoho Expense will become inactive. Note that only the integration owner will have access to configure the integration.

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