1. Can I set up notifications for report submissions?
  2. How to use the excess advances on future reports?
  3. When should I mark a report as reimbursed and how do I do it?
  4. Why can’t I make changes to a reimbursed report?
  5. Can I directly deposit the reimbursement amount to the employees' bank account?
  6. How do I edit an advance in the report?
  7. How do I remove an advance from the report?
  8. Can I restrict users from recalling a report after it has been partially approved?
  9. How do I export reimbursed expense reports?
  10. How Can I disable automatic generation of report names?
  11. Can I backup the images of receipts included in expense reports?

Policy and Violations

  1. What is an expense amount limit?
  2. What is a receipt required limit?
  3. How can I make the description mandatory?
  4. Can submitters and approvers view the expense policies?
  5. How is a user alerted when there is a policy violation in an expense?
  6. How many policy violations can a report have?
  7. What is an expense expiry period? Is it considered as a policy violation?
  8. What happens when the policy for a user is changed after they submit a report?
  9. How to display a warning message when a receipt is not attached to an expense?
  10. Can I add additional processing amount for expenses in foreign currencies?
  11. How do I make users submit expenses only after choosing a category?
  12. How can I set different mileage rates for various vehicles?
  13. Can I assign multiple polices to a user?


  1. How do I allow uncategorized expenses to be a part of my report?
  2. How do I set up auto numbering of expense reports in Zoho Expense?
  3. What are custom fields? How do I add custom fields to my report?
  4. Are there any limitations to the number of custom fields that can be added?
  5. How do I set deadlines before which users are required to submit their expense reports?
  6. Can I receive a copy of the approved report upon its approval?
  7. How do I create custom statuses for reports in Zoho Expense?
  8. Can I create a custom view to filter the reports based on a specific criteria?
  9. Can I generate reports automatically? If yes, how?
  10. Can I archive old reports? Will I be able to access them later?
  11. How can I download a report as an excel file?
  12. Can I delete a custom field from a report PDF?

Report Types

  1. Will I be able to associate an expense type with two different report types?
  2. Why am I unable to delete a report type?
  3. How do I mark a report type as inactive?
  4. Why do my report types need expense types?

Report Automation

  1. If report automation is enabled, at what time do reports get auto-generated for my users?
  2. Why was my report not auto-generated?
  3. Can I set up report automation based on a specific criteria?
  4. Is it possible to add all the unreported expenses in the generated report?
  5. What happens when I have a mandatory field in the report? Will the report get auto-generated?
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