Can I set up special rules for some categories?

General rules by default, will apply to all expense categories of particular policy. However, it can be changed for individual categories by overriding the default settings.

To set up special rules for categories:

  1. Switch to Admin View.
  2. Click the icon in the top right corner.
  3. Go to Policies under Users and Control.
  4. Click the policy for which you want to set up the categories.
  5. Navigate to Manage Categories.
  6. Hover over the category for which you would like to set a limit.
  7. Click the Override option at the right corner of the category.
  8. Mark the Override general rules option to configure category specific limits.
  9. Select and provide the expense amount limit and receipt required limit specific to that category.
  10. Choose whether you want to make the description mandatory and click Save.

Note: If you have integrated with Zoho Books or QuickBooks Online, the imported accounts will also be available in the list.

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