Order Forms and Donation Forms

Apart from creating customized business applications using Zoho Creator, you can now build a variety of free order forms too. An order form is similar to a regular form. Using an order form, users can collect payment for their different needs and requirements. An order form is integrated with PayPal Gateway. Users can direct their customers to the PayPal portal and collect payment using their PayPal account or credit card. Not just payments users can also collect donations for their nonprofit organizations and charities through the customer's paypal account or credit card.

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How are online order forms useful?

Order forms: An order form can be used to place orders for the goods on sale. The simplest usage of a payment form is to use it as an online order form. This order form is where the customers will place their orders for the goods that you are offering for sale. You can create different types of order forms such as purchase order forms, work order forms. Let us consider the example of a t-shirt order form. The customers will have to place their orders using the order form that you have built. The customers will then be taken to PayPal's website where they can pay for their orders using their PayPal account or credit card. A successful transaction is duly recorded in your application.

Registration forms: Another version of an order form is the registration form. Everyday we come across a wide online application forms used for registrations and enrollments. You can create such registration forms and application forms using Zoho Creator. Registration forms for meetings, conferences and application forms for training sessions which require a registration fee can be created. Once the clients have registered, the can pay for their registration using their paypal account or credit card.

Donation forms: You can also collect donations for their charity or nonprofit organizations using payment forms. A donation form is different from an order form in one aspect. You don't have to offer anything for sale. You simply have to put up your cause or detail your organization's activities and embed the donation form that you created using Zoho Creator on your website. Visitors to your website, who are inspired by your cause and wish to donate can simply enter their detail and proceed to donate using their PayPal account or credit card .

Recurring payments: In some cases, it makes sense to collect recurring payments or donations rather than collecting a onetime payment using an order form. Like when you are using subscription forms to collect subscriptions for your magazine or newsletter, or even when you are collecting donations on a monthly basis rather than collecting it in one go, you can use the recurring payments feature of the payment form in Zoho Creator. At the interval specified by the user, the amount can be collected through the user's paypal account or credit card.

Business rules in payment forms: Like regular forms, you can also use business rules and workflow for your order forms and donation forms. For bulk orders placed using your order form, you can use Deluge Script to offer discounts. Since you will be collecting a shipping address in your order form, you can also send gifts or goodies in addition to the order that has been placed. Using the Zoho Creator Zoho Invoice integration, you can also send out invoices to the purchase orders once the user has placed his order and paid for it.


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Build Online Order Forms. Collect payments through PayPal and credit card.

Users can now build a wide range of online order forms and accept payments for goods sold. Order forms can also be customized to collect registration fees for training sessions and conferences, subscriptions or even donations on a recurring basis. The Zoho Creator payment module is integrated with PayPal Gateway. Customers can pay for their orders or donations using their credit cards or PayPal accounts.

Online Order forms to accept Payments

Build full fledged order forms to sell goods and accept payments.

Accept Donations: One time and recurring

Accept donations for your cause using your customized order forms.

Workflow and Business Rules for Order Forms

Add validations, business rules and workflows to your order forms.

Embed order forms in your website

Grab more eyeballs. Embed your order and donation forms in your website.

Online Order forms to accept Orders and Payments

Your forms are not just for collecting information. You can now build online order forms designed to offer items for sale and accept payments for the orders placed. Customers will be presented with a list of items that you are offering for sale. You can use any of the supported currencies in Zoho Creator to accept payments from your customers for the orders that they have placed. Customers can pay for their orders using their paypal account or credit cards.

Accept Donations: One time and recurring

Not just selling items you can also collect donations for your charity or trust using the payment module. The donation form is slightly different from the usual order form. The main point of difference is that, for donation forms, there is no separate parent form. There is just a single form, where apart from collecting details from the user such as contact information, comments etc, the user simply has to enter the amount he is willing to donate. Donations can also be collected on a recurring basis.

Workflow and Business Rules for Order Forms:

Discounts, offers and gift cards are an integral part of any shopping experience. Why deny that to your users. Unleash the power of Deluge Script on your payment forms. From offering discounts based on the number of items ordered all the way up to generating an invoice for the payment made, you can do it all using Deluge Script. The most popular and loved Email notifications would come in handy too. Get notified whenever an order is placed. You can also send out thank you notes to people who donated to your cause or subscribed to your magazine.

Embed order forms in your website/blog

Order forms and donation forms, like regular Zoho Creator forms can be embedded in your website or blogs. Customize the colors, fonts and the layout of your forms to fit them right into your website. You can also redirect your users to a dedicated page, once the payment is complete. Send out emails to your prospective clients and donor with links to your forms.