Improve process efficiency with approval workflow automation

Approval management plays a critical role in organizations where time is valuable and transparency is mandatory. Automate your approval process to enhance your process workflow and stay on top of critical deadlines.

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What is a custom ERP? What is a custom ERP?

What is approval process automation?

Approval process is a common feature in businesses where invoices, legal documents, key market communicatons, tickets etc. could go through one or more internal centers for approvals. Approval process automation helps automate every step of the approval process, from critera-based approval triggers and automated alerts to custom post-approval workflows.

Increase Accountability With Automated Approvals

A robust approval system lets the right people know that their approval is needed for a particular process. With a dedicated tab for approvals and instant notifications, everyone is always in the know. With Creator’s omnipresence, people can also take instant action using their mobile devices. It’s time to boost your team’s efficiency by improving accountability.

Why choose Zoho Creator's automated approval workflows ?

Real-time approvals

Our cloud-based platform provides an approval process that's integrated with your business processes.

API integration

Integrate Zoho Creator with your existing products using our API. Utilize data effortlessly without any gap in the process workflow.

Manage multitier heirarchy

Build a multitier, role-based approval process for your business, set to your exact hierarchal structure.

Omnichannel solution

Zoho Creator takes your business apps to the cloud and minimizes approval time by letting you access the app from mobile devices, wherever you happen to be.

Simplify complex logic

Deluge, our proprietary programming language, helps you automate complicated approval scenarios using a drag and drop script builder.

Instant notification

See approvals instantly, via email, SMS, or mobile notification. Take immediate action and complete tasks effortlessly.

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