Workflows: Automating tasks to boost productivity

Workflows execute when specific criteria are met. They automate routine actions in your solutions, saving you time and money—and helping your organization's efficiency scale vertically.

Workflows: Automating tasks to boost productivity
  • Point & click workflow creation
  • Powerful automation
  • Increased productivity

Eliminate manual effort, enhance efficiency

Workflows help you...

  • Respond to user interactions with your apps

  • Schedule actions based on a date and time

  • Automate actions on approval flows

  • Process orders upon successful payments

  • Invoke custom functions and execute tasks

Zoho Creator's workflow builder gives you the power to automate routine actions and tasks on various events in your solutions. These routine tasks can range from sending emails and SMSes to enabling app-related functionalities, such as hiding/disabling fields based on predefined criteria, amongst many other actions.

Witness the capabilities of Zoho Creator's workflows

Watch this video to gain insights into how Zoho Creator workflows make life easier for you and enhance your organizational efficiency.

Witness the capabilities of Zoho Creator's workflows

Comprehensive automation

Experience the power of automation via the many types of workflows offered by Zoho Creator:

  • Form workflows

    You can create a workflow for any form event. This includes things such as creating, editing, and deleting records, which gives you the ability to create workflows for any user interaction.

    Form workflows
  • Approval workflows

    You have the ability to configure workflows to trigger upon almost any approval activity or scenario you can think of.

    Approval workflows
  • Payment workflows

    Zoho Creator lets you integrate with multiple payment gateways. You can then configure workflows, specific to these gateways, that execute upon user payment.

    Payment workflows
  • Custom buttons

    Custom buttons are another useful Zoho Creator feature. They provide you with the freedom to invoke workflows in a user-friendly manner.

    Payment workflows
  • Flows

    Using Flows, you can automate complex processes in minutes. You can develop webhooks (to interface with JSON, plain text, and form data) and decision trees, set time delays between actions in a workflow, and create custom functions.

    Payment workflows
Form workflows

Diverse workflows to automate routine tasks

Harness workflows to accomplish tasks like:

Notifications to keep you informed and up to date

Create workflows that automatically send emails, SMSes, and mobile notifications based on a plethora of actions. Workflows allow you to keep you and your users up to date, at all times. Your workflows can even show a success message or redirect to a URL.

Notifications to keep you informed and up to date

Workflows on data access

Add, update, or delete records in your apps using workflows. Workflows allow you to automatically manage information.

Workflows on data access

Integrations with third-party apps

Interface with other function-based apps, such as Zoho CRM, Zoho Recruit, and other third-party apps. Access and integrate with your data that's residing in other apps.

Integrations with third-party apps

Run your own Deluge functions

Run Deluge scripts or custom functions. Workflows allow you to harness the power of Deluge to accomplish complex tasks.

Run your own Deluge functions

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Automate repetitive tasks, experience unparalleled efficiency

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to know programming to create workflows in Zoho Creator?

No, Zoho Creator offers point-and-click and drag-and-drop workflow creation.

What records can you create custom buttons for?

You can add custom buttons for any record.

Can I invoke Deluge scripts using custom buttons?

Yes. This is possible using custom buttons.

Can I send emails and SMSes using workflows?

Yes, Zoho Creator's workflows allow you to automatically send emails and SMSes.

Can workflows integrate with other Zoho apps and third-party services?

Yes. Using workflows, you can perform actions like create, fetch, search, and update records from/to other Zoho applications or third-party applications like Quickbooks and more.