Set your processes on autopilot with schedules and notifications

If you want your apps to execute actions automatically, schedules are the answer. At a predefined date and time, get your apps to notify your customers, remind users, and perform a multitude of tasks. With schedules, the automation of your workflows has never been easier.

Set your processes on autopilot with schedules and notifications
  • Point & click schedule creation
  • Instant notifications
  • Automate periodic workflows

Perfectly timed actions

  • Automate actions to execute them at a specific date and time

  • Track project deadlines, and proactively act upon them

  • Fetch information from external services automatically

  • Integrate with other software for periodic interactions

  • Instantly notify your users about app activity

See schedules and notifications in action

Watch this video to get an idea of the capabilities of schedules and notifications in Zoho Creator.

See schedules and notifications in action

Schedule your actions, notify your users

Zoho Creator offers the following types of schedules:

On a specified date and time

Schedule a workflow to get executed on a specified date and time. You can configure this type of workflow to run daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, or just once. For example, alert a customer service representative about the priority of support tickets that require action at a predefined hour everyday.

On a specified date and time

Schedules based on a date field in any app form

Schedule a workflow to get executed based on the value of a field in any of your forms. This type of schedule will execute minutes, hours, days, or weeks before or after the date value in the record. For example, you can send a meeting reminder a few minutes before its starting time.

Schedules based on a date field in any app form

Instant alerts about app activity

Notifications alert users about various events in your apps. Learn about some of ways you can leverage Zoho Creator's notifications:

  • Email notifications

    You can automatically send an email notification for many events—for example, upon shipping or successfully delivering a product.

    Email notifications
  • SMS notifications

    You can send an SMS notifying stakeholders about an event or an action in your apps—like when a user places an order.

    SMS notifications
  • Mobile notifications

    You can display a mobile notification through the Zoho Creator app. For example, when an out of stock item becomes available in your inventory, you can send an instant mobile notification to alert stakeholders.

    Mobile notifications
  • Success messages

    When an action is complete, you can display a custom success message notifying the user, like when they submit a form.

    Success messages
  • Redirects to a URL

    You can redirect your users to a URL of your choice upon the completion of any action. Say when a user buys your product, you can redirect them to a page displaying similar products.

    Success messages
Email notifications

Automatically execute the right action at the right time

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are schedules?

Schedules are periodic actions executed at a user-specified time.

What are notifications?

Notifications are alerts displayed to inform the user about events in their solutions and apps.

Do I need to know scripting to create schedules and notifications?

No, Zoho Creator offers a point-and-click interface to create schedules and notifications.

Do I need to pay separately for using schedules and notifications?

No, schedules and notifications are a part of your Creator subscription.