• What’s an AI maker?

    An AI maker, or AI software development platform, enables your business to utilize the power of AI to build intelligent applications. You don’t have to write complex formulas or code algorithms; the AI features are already built-in. All you need to do is drag and drop the AI feature you need and start using them to automate processes, drive insights, predict outcomes, and gauge customer interactions.

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  • How can AI drive value to your business?

    There’s been a lot of buzz lately around AI and how it can give businesses the extra push they need to stay relevant and boost performance. Let’s take a look at some of the most important benefits that AI brings for businesses.

    • Predict demand and simplify resource management
    • Enhance customer service by implementing chatbots
    • Automate repetitive tasks and improve productivity
    • Identify sales opportunities and increase revenue
    • Uncover strategic insights for better decision-making
    • Strengthen brand loyalty with personalization

Features to look for in an AI-building platform

AI is being widely used across many different industries, including finance and healthcare, and it’s often included in development tools to help build smart applications. Most AI-powered solutions offer these features to address the various needs of a business:

  • Data ingestion

    Data ingestion

    As time goes on, the data collected by your business will increase exponentially. AI solutions are capable of analyzing large volumes of business data coming in from various sources and providing logical inferences.

  • Automation


    This is the most apparent feature of any AI solution. It can help you automate all the repetitive tasks that require extensive manual effort.

  • Speech and language recognition

    Speech and language recognition

    AI solutions offer the functionality to convert text into audio, in a wide variety of voices and languages. Similarly, they can extract text from any voice or audio file and help you generate transcripts or searchable notes.

  • Facial recognition

    Facial recognition

    This feature, as the name suggests, enables software to identify and verify a person’s face and decide whether to provide authorized access to a device or building. Many smartphones today provide facial recognition to unlock the phone.

  • Chatbots


    This is the most widely adopted feature of AI. AI chatbots are trained to imitate human conversations with visitors to websites, mobile apps, and more. Many businesses use chatbots today to increase customer engagement and service.

  • Predictive maintenance

    Predictive maintenance

    Predictive maintenance is a technique which analyzes historical data to anticipate possible problems or defects that can occur in an equipment or machines, in order to plan for maintenance. The main benefit of this technique is preventing unexpected failures and accidents.

Build powerful AI software with Zoho Creator's low-code AI platform

If you’re still on the fence about whether AI makes sense for your business, let’s walk you through the various AI features that Zoho Creator offers, and a few examples to help you understand the benefits to businesses.


Enable your apps to analyze data and predict outcomes

Predict results or future events using past and current data. This can be used to identify patterns and behavior within the data, in order to detect risks and opportunities.

Here are a few examples:

  • Predict the impact

    Predict the impact of new financial policies and laws on your business.

  • Analyze customer

    Analyze customer buying patterns, predict future purchases, and create personalized product recommendations on the go.

  • Predict how many customers

    Predict how many customers will visit your hotel in a particular month or weekend to ensure you have sufficient staff and resources.


Enable your apps to gauge your customers’ emotions

Analyze textual data to help understand the emotions and opinions your customers have about your product or brand.

Here are a few examples:

  • Analyze

    Analyze how happy your customers are with your customer support services.

  • Monitor mentions

    Monitor mentions or reviews of your brand on different platforms.

  • Provide early

    Provide early access to the latest product releases to a set of customers who demanded these features, and then gather feedback.


    Enable your apps to scan information and digitize it

    Easily recognize or scan all kinds of documents (handwritten or printed) and images and convert them to digital formats.

    Here are a few examples:

  • Enable employees

    Enable employees to scan their expense receipts and create new expense entries faster.

  • optical-one optical-two

    Scan the badges of your event attendees and quickly prepare an attendee vs registrant report.

  • accordingly

    Read and extract license plates at car parking lots to identify members and non-members and charge them accordingly.


Enable your apps to identify objects in digital photographs

Determine the objects present in a picture stored in an image field of your Zoho Creator form.

Here are a few examples:

  • Enable customers

    Enable customers to upload product images and suggest similar recommendations on ecommerce websites.

  • Automate data

    Enable your delivery agents to scan products delivered and instantly upload their details into the app.

  • Enable your delivery Enable your delivery

    Automate data entry at warehouses by enabling your employees to scan parts or products as they're refilled or restocked.


Enable your apps to extract important text and phrases

Extract predefined or relevant words from a large dataset to quickly get the information you need. You can automatically sift through product reviews, customer conversations, and surveys to understand important keywords and extract key information.

Here are a few examples:

  • Analyze support

    Analyze support tickets to understand features that have the most number of questions, or ones that your customers frequently reach out to you about.

  • Shortlist candidates

    Shortlist candidates with a certain skillset or qualification mentioned on their resumes.

  • Analyze public

    Analyze public or customer opinions about your products and services from review websites.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Zoho Creator?

Zoho Creator is a low-code application platform (LCAP) that empowers businesses to create custom applications much faster than traditional methods. It offers intuitive builders, ready-to-use code snippets, and templates that make it easy for almost anyone to develop applications. If you're looking to break free from spreadsheets or legacy systems, switch to Zoho Creator and build modern AI-powered applications for your business.

Do I have to write code to build AI?

No, you don't have to write code to build AI for your business in Zoho Creator. Our AI tasks are built-in and available in the form builder⁠—ready to use based on your business requirements. Click here to learn more about the AI fields present in Zoho Creator.

Can I create a predictive analysis report for my data stored in Google Sheets?

To perform predictive analysis, you need to import the data from Google Sheets to Zoho Creator first. Once that's done, you can use the Prediction field in Zoho Creator to create a model and analyze any future business outcome or results.

How do I automate the escalation of tickets from unhappy customers?

You can use both the keyword extraction and sentiment analysis fields to identify unhappy customers from your customer tickets. If you're using keyword extraction, you can identify unsatisfied customers by enabling the system to identify certain keywords or phrases in customer interactions. You can display the analysis in reports or dashboards or even send them alerts to relevant teams. Another way to handle unhappy customers is to use sentiment analysis to find out the tone of your customer's interactions or feedback.

Do I pay extra for AI fields?

No, AI fields are available in all paid plans of Zoho Creator, but are limited to each subscription plan. Please click here to learn more.

How do I get started with Zoho Creator?

Zoho Creator has a 15-day free trial of all premium features. You can get started by signing up here.