Power your apps with the fastest scripting language.

Deluge is an online scripting language that helps you instantly build modern, database-backed web applications.

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Fast and Easy Development

Do More with Less Code

Accelerate your development process with the high-productivity framework of Deluge. Driven by a resilient relational data model underneath, Deluge helps you accomplish more in a single line of code than you can in traditional programming languages.

Experience Built-in Intelligence

Autocomplete and Syntax Assist come in very handy during development by helping you track down and fix errors then and there. Develop an app in a matter of hours or days; all you need ready is the logic.

Intuitive and Developer-friendly

You are abstracted from the underlying complexities and presented with a straightforward interface where you can just drag and drop tasks to get your app ready. The Deluge Runtime Environment sports a sheer minimalist design. With a speech like syntax, the scripts are so concise that there isn't any space for bugs to hide.

Scalable and Robust 



Apps created on Deluge are instantly scalable to respond to growing demands. An app built for a team can be used for the entire organization. 


Backed up

Deluge comes with a developer toolbox, including the ability to backup and save versions, to make your app the best it can be.

Extensible and Multifaceted

Set up Inclusive Systems

Deluge supports standard authorization protocols ensuring secure access to data. Create amazingly agile apps through predefined integrations with other cloud services using REST and RPC style APIs and extend their potential even further.

Build Imaginative Apps

Make your app stand out with the exhaustive bag of tricks that Deluge offers you. Perform dynamic operations, unite functions with GUI actions, define geographical boundaries with geo-fence, parse XML and JSON content easily and much more to make your application more ingenious.

Unveil your creativity among thousands of developers

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