Built on the web, for mobile.

Multi-platform builder.

Design apps for web, mobile, and tablet interfaces in one go, and customize the UI for each of the devices. Every app you build is automatically available on Android and iOS platforms.

Mobile-specific layouts.

Render fields on mobile layouts to dramatically improve readability and style. And to make data entry more accurate, you'll have 31 curated fields that include audio, video, signature, and URL fields.

Gesture control.

Send email, SMS and push notifications, approve requests, and make calls with a single click. You can trigger record actions and run workflows with gestures like long press and swipe.

Native features.

Capture images and scan QR and bar codes from the device's camera. Set perimeters and share locations in real time with geofencing and geolocation capture.

4 million users. 2 million apps.

More Customers
  • Decision-making made easy.

    I use an iPhone and every morning when I wake up I check our sales, the portfolio of each business. In real time, [the Zoho Creator app] gives me a precise overview of daily sales weekly reports, and important weekly business transactions.

    Julien Bailleau Sales Director
  • Automate and forget.

    The Zoho Creator app that we're using, is designed so that we can actually book a retreat, book an outdoor school trip, we can create a contract, we can create a proposal, we can do all of our invoicing in it... It really is a fully functioning platform to take care of our customers from start to finish.

    Darren Smith Marketing Director
  • Efficient and affordable apps. In a snap.

    The first application we made took us 20 minutes. You don't need to know programming. If you follow the guides and tutorials, you can start building in just minutes.

    Diego Cutignola Partner & Accountant
  • Sync. Increase productivity.

    Zoho Creator has a REST API that we can use to get the data from Zoho right into our HR system. We use Zoho Creator as a hub for internal integrations using the rest API.

    Robert Brandt IT Director
  • Discover the endless possibilities.

    It's inexpensive, and it's very [easy to use]. And the support's great. So I think you can grow quickly, grow as fast as you want, and as big as your imagination is. Zoho [Creator] has been the perfect partner for us.

    Bob Colarossi Managing Partner
  • Ready to go mobile?

    Get more power to work on the go.