Mobilize your workplace.

Instant media upload

Capture images, audio, and video with your device and upload them for instant access.

QR and barcode

Auto-fill details by scanning the QR or bar codes of products and identification documents.

Geofencing and geo-location capture

Restrict data entry within a perimeter with coordinates. Enable geo-location to capture where data is entered from, and view the details on map reports.

Gesture control

Send email, SMS and push notifications, trigger workflows, and approve requests with finger swipes.

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  • Tesla
  • Adobe
  • Suzuki
  • Kaiser
  • Dolby
  • Cisco
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What makes Zoho Creator unique? 

You can run the show smoothly even when you're backstage. Packed with a responsive UI, state-of-the-art features, and advanced communication options, Zoho Creator's app maker gives you the mobile edge to create a completely digital workplace at a surprisingly low cost.


Multi-platform builder

Design apps for web, mobile, and tablet interfaces in one go, and customize the UI for each of the devices. Every app you build is automatically available on Android and iOS platforms.


Cloud ecosystem

Cut your app expenditure in half. A completely cloud-based presence eliminates the need to invest in expensive servers and other maintenance services.


Offline access with automatic sync

Add data and submit reports even when you're offline. All changes are automatically synced across devices as soon as the app is online. You can also save reports for offline viewing.


Built-in integrations

Zoho Creator's platform is integrated with all other Zoho products and a host of popular third-party apps. Need other integrations? Add them effortlessly with the REST API.


App Deck—Apps the way you want them.

Not in the mood to build apps? Not to worry. The App Deck provides you with every app you'll ever need. Just install and customize them, and get all your business solution needs met.

Take your business places (literally).

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