White-label app development for your business

Create a seamless customer experience by white labeling your apps to showcase your business. Turn your portal app, with all the business workflows and processes, into a white-labeled app. Without coding, you can fully customize forms to match your branding, create custom URLs, and even use your custom domain and online portal with Zoho Creator.

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What are white-label apps?

Zoho Creator’s white-label feature allows you to maintain your brand identity across client-facing applications. Strengthen your brand image with customized UI on business apps and by showcasing it on your form URLs and dashboards. All this without having to build your own product from scratch using an in-house developer. Use white-labeling capabilities to create your own SaaS brand, with applications that support customer journey from sign-up to after-sales.

Business apps that promote brand visibility

White-label apps are a great add-on to a business expansion marketing model for many reasons. They offer to:

  • Build brand credibility

  • Strengthen customer loyalty

  • Makes for faster time to market

  • Low initial investment

Build apps with best-in-class branding features

  • Fully rebranded apps for all platforms

    Fully rebranded apps for all platforms

    Your clients will be able to access your app on web, mobile, and tablets without worrying about software compatibility. Personalize your mobile applications and publish it to the App Store and Play Store.

  • Rapid launch with one click deployment

    Rapid launch with one click deployment

    You can push even the most complex changes into production and your app can go live across all devices using our built in one-click deployment capability.

  • Forget infrastructure and focus on apps

    Forget infrastructure and focus on apps

    Zoho Creator is a ready-made platform where developers can build, test, and deploy on-demand business apps without worrying about complicated backend. You don’t have to buy and maintain servers, troubleshoot hardware, run software patches, or perform upgrades. Your apps still run on the servers that power Creator.

  • Developer SDK to build custom functionality for your customers

    Developer SDK to build custom functionality for your customers

    In addition to the automatic generation of mobile apps, Zoho Creator’s mobile SDK and UI kit allow users to build rebranded mobile apps while utilizing the platform’s architecture and security. And if you already have a full-fledged app that’s lacking some functionalities, Zoho Creator allows you to build and attach the required module yourself.

  • Use Your Own Domain

    Use Your Own Domain

    Strengthen your brand by showcasing it in your form URLs. Connect your custom online forms to your custom domain, helping to improve your website’s search rankings. Design customer portals that behave like a natural extension of your company’s website. Host them on your own domain, to be accessed from your business website instead of Zoho Creator’s.

  • Strong authentication mechanisms

    Strong authentication mechanisms

    Perform centralized management of user authentication and access rights. Choose between two different authentication mechanisms—single sign-on (SSO) using a third-party identity provider, or federated logins (Google, Facebook)—or simply use Zoho’s own login.

White-label apps vs Custom App Development

  • Zoho Creator's White-label Apps

    Custom App Development

  • User Interface

    Zoho Creator's White-label Apps Drag and drop interface to add complex features and APIs in the simplest way possible. Pre-made design templates that you can use.

    Custom App Development You decide on every element of your app including the UI/UX design. Rigorous testing required to evaluate the users’ behavior for the app on various screen sizes.

  • Development Cost

    Zoho Creator's White-label Apps An inexpensive approach to mobilize your business, less initial investment.

    Custom App Development Development cycles followed by multiple iterations, which surge development costs. Good custom development will cost you based on your design and feature stack.

  • Features

    Zoho Creator's White-label AppsWhite-label apps offer built-in functionality with the capability to add modules.

    Custom App DevelopmentYou create every feature from scratch to fit your business needs.

  • Time-to-market

    Zoho Creator's White-label AppsRapid launch. Pre-built apps ready to go within a couple weeks.

    Custom App DevelopmentTime-consuming. Custom development can take quite a long time, especially if you’re creating a complex system.

  • Pushing updates

    Zoho Creator's White-label AppsOngoing. The white-label software provider is responsible for changes, bug fixes, and app updates.

    Custom App DevelopmentCosts extra. If you decide to add new features or make changes, you’ll pay more and meet app store guidelines.

Who can use white labelled apps?

White-label apps have different feature stacks on the market, you can build one for almost every type of business:

  • Apps for restaurants and cafes
  • Medical shop apps
  • Retailers and local stores
  • Student gateways for universities
  • Business support portals

What to consider in white-label app solutions

White labelled business apps are a great value-add to your company, but building them require top-notch custom development work. When you’re selecting your white-label app builder, make sure you look for the following:

  • 100% custom app development for clients
  • Built-in integrations with other products and serviced
  • Thorough debugging on every app
  • Supports multiple revisions on app versions
  • Continued support once the app is live in the Apple and Google Play stores

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is white-labeling?

White label products and services are items produced by one company to be rebranded and resold by another to their end consumers.

What are white-label apps?

A white label app is a generic application built by a company to resell it to another business that, in turn, can rebrand it as their own. This helps businesses have their own app with the least possible investment. White-labeling allows you to maintain your brand identity across client-facing applications.

Is it possible to make a white-label app out of a custom one?

You can turn your custom app with all the business workflows and processes into a white-labeled app.