1. How can I manually record an expense?
  2. I need to get reimbursed for an expense I incurred. How can I record that expense?
  3. How do I record recurring expenses?
  4. Is it possible to setup default values for the fields in expenses?
  5. How to view only my receipts?
  6. Should an expense always have a receipt attached to it?
  7. Can I add an expense in a currency different from the base currency?
  8. What are the different statuses of Expenses?
  9. What are the different ways to create expenses?
  10. I got a refund on my credit card for a business purchase expense which I incurred earlier. Can I record refunds in Zoho Expense?
  11. How long does it take to auto-scan a receipt in Zoho Expense?
  12. Why was my expense not auto-categorized?
  13. Can I attach multiple receipts to an expense?
  14. What is policy violation? Will I know if I’ve violated a policy while recording an expense?
  15. Can I report an expense even if there is a policy violation?
  16. What happens if an expense that I record expires?
  17. Is it possible to add expenses in bulk?
  18. Is it possible to update the details of multiple expenses at once? How is that done?
  19. What are reimbursable expenses?
  20. Can I remove an expense from my report?
  21. How can I view my expenses in chronological view?
  22. How can I view my expenses per month?
  23. Why am I not able to find a few expenses?
  24. How do I view only uncategorized expenses?
  25. How do I find an expense quickly that I had created earlier?
  26. How do I delete an expense?

Mileage Expenses

  1. How do I create a mileage expense?
  2. How is my mileage tracked in Zoho Expense?
  3. How to calculate mileage using odometer reading?
  4. Can I manually enter a mileage amount?


  1. What is an itemized expense?
  2. Can I itemize my expense and apply different tax rates on each item?
  3. Can I split my expense into taxable and non-taxable portions?
  4. The meals are taxable while the tips are not. Can I record both together, without applying tax on the tip?

Splitting an expense

  1. Can I associate multiple categories with the same expense/receipt?
  2. Can I split expenses based on custom fields?
  3. Can I split an itemized expense?
  4. Can I split an expense among multiple customers?


  1. How do I merge duplicate expenses?
  2. Why do I get the error “Location cannot be empty for per diem components” when I try to create an expense?
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