1. What are the different ways to create expenses?
  2. What are the different statuses of Expenses?
  3. How can I manually record an expense?
  4. How do I record recurring expenses?
  5. Is it possible to add expenses in bulk?
  6. Should an expense always have a receipt attached to it?
  7. Can I attach multiple receipts to an expense?
  8. How long does it take to autoscan a receipt in Zoho Expense?
  9. Why was my expense not auto-categorized?
  10. I need to get reimbursed for an expense I incurred. How can I record that expense?
  11. Can I add an expense in a currency different from the base currency?
  12. Is it possible to update the details of multiple expenses at once? How is that done?
  13. What is policy violation? Will I know if I’ve violated a policy while recording an expense?
  14. Can I report an expense even if there is a policy violation?
  15. I got a refund on my credit card for a business purchase expense which I incurred earlier. Can I record refunds in Zoho Expense?
  16. Is it possible to setup default values for the fields in expenses?
  17. How to view only my receipts?
  18. How can I view my expenses in chronological view?
  19. How can I view my expenses per month?
  20. How do I view only uncategorized expenses?
  21. Why am I not able to find a few expenses?
  22. How do I find an expense quickly that I had created earlier?
  23. What happens if an expense that I record expires?
  24. Can I remove an expense from my report?
  25. How do I delete an expense?
  26. How do I move expenses from one report to another?
  27. Can I backup my receipts in the PDF format?
  28. Will the tax amount be fetched while scanning receipts?
  29. How should I handle incorrect information fetched during autoscan?

Mileage Expenses

  1. How is my mileage tracked in Zoho Expense?
  2. How do I create a mileage expense?
  3. How to calculate mileage using odometer reading?
  4. Can I manually record a mileage expense which I’ve made through my company card?


  1. What is an itemized expense?
  2. The meals are taxable while the tips are not. Can I record both together, without applying tax on the tip?
  3. Will the tip details in receipts be fetched separately while scanning them?

Splitting an expense

  1. Can I associate multiple categories with the same expense?
  2. Can I split expenses based on custom fields?
  3. Can I split an itemized expense?
  4. Can I split an expense among multiple customers?


  1. How do I merge duplicate expenses?
  2. Why do I get the error “Location cannot be empty for per diem components” when I try to create an expense?
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