1. How can I add my personal card?
  2. How can I add my company card?
  3. I cannot find my bank or card in the list. Is there any other way to import my transactions?
  4. How do I verify that I have selected the correct card or bank option?
  5. Where can I see my cardโ€™s feeds after entering the credentials?
  6. Will other users see the personal credit cards added by me?
  7. How do you fetch bank feeds? Do you store our credentials?
  8. Will all the card statements be fetched into Zoho Expense?
  9. How often are the card statements fetched in?
  10. Can I delete a credit or debit card at any time?
  11. Why are the transactions made using my card are not visible as card feeds in Zoho Expense yet?
  12. How do I convert my card transactions into expenses? Can it be done automatically?
  13. I have incurred some personal expenses on my company card. How do I record them?
  14. Can I match transactions with expenses that have been created already?
  15. While trying to match my expenses with the corporate card transactions, some of the expenses are not listed as possible matches. Why?
  16. How do I revert an incorrectly matched transaction?
  17. It says my ‘Bank Feeds are Broken’. What can I do to fix this?
  18. Can I forward my bank statements to Zoho Expense to create expenses?
  19. Will users have access to the credit card transactions of other users?
  20. Can I add new cards using the mobile app?
  21. Can we add prepaid cards in Zoho Expense?
  22. What should I do if I cannot import a file and an error message appears stating ‘Column headers cannot be empty’?
  23. How can I check if the expenses are created from credit card transactions?
  24. Can I exclude card transactions for other users?
  25. What happens when I try to import my card transactions that are already present in the organization?
  26. How many cards can be connected in the Free plan?
  27. Do I have to remove the duplicate transactions manually?
  28. Can I split the transactions?
  29. Imported transactions into the wrong card. Can I undo the action?
  30. How do I mark a corporate card transaction as a personal expense?

Real-Time Feeds

  1. What are real-time feeds?
  2. Is real-time feeds supported for all cards? Can I fetch all types of transactions in real-time?
  3. Why should I set up real-time feeds if I have already set up direct feed integration for my cards?
  4. How do I enable real-time feeds when I have already set up direct feed integration?
  5. How do I connect my card to fetch real-time feeds?
  6. How will I be notified when I make a transaction using the card I’ve connected with Zoho Expense?
  7. Are there any restrictions on the number of cards that can be connected in a trial organization?
  8. What do I do if I’m unable to verify my card?
  9. Can I fetch the transactions that I’ve incurred before connecting the card?

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