1. What is a report? Why should I create it?
  2. How do I create and submit a report?
  3. How can I add expenses to a report?
  4. What are the different statuses of reports?
  5. Is it possible to move expenses from one report to another?
  6. Can I submit my report to multiple users?
  7. Can I make changes to a report after I’ve submitted it?
  8. Can I print and download reports?
  9. Can I attach files to my report?
  10. Can approvers add comments to a report? If yes, how?
  11. How do I delete a report? What happens to the expenses if I delete the report?
  12. How can I retrieve a deleted report?
  13. Why am I not able to find a report?
  14. How to record an advance?
  15. Why am I getting the error ‘You cannot submit this expense report as it does not match your organization’s approval criteria. Please contact your administrator to update the approval flow’ while trying to submit a report?
  16. How to resolve the error ‘Approval policy is not configured for your organization. Please contact your administrator’?
  17. Why am I unable to edit the report name?
  18. Can I import expenses along with receipts?
  19. Can I backup images of receipts included in expense reports?

Reporting an Expense

  1. Can expenses with policy violations be part of a report?
  2. Can I submit reimbursable and non-reimbursable expenses in the same report?
  3. Can I remove an expense associated with a report?
  4. How many expenses can I add to a report?
  5. How many expenses can I add to a report in bulk?

Report Actions

  1. Who can view my reports?
  2. Who can I share my report with?


  1. What is report archiving?
  2. What are the formats in which I can import and export reports?
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