How to record an advance?

If approval is not configured in your organization, users can directly record the advances they’ve received inside reports.

If advance approval is enabled in your organization, you will have to request advance and wait for approval from your approvers. Once your approvers approve the advance, you can apply them to your reports.

Prerequisite: You can apply advances only to the reports in the Draft, Recalled, or Rejected statuses.

To record advances in reports:

  1. Go to Reports on the left sidebar.
  2. Click the report for which you want to record an advance.
  3. Navigate to the ADVANCES & REFUNDS tab.
  4. Click the Record Advance button.
  5. Enter the amount you want to add as an advance.
  6. Click Record Advance. The advance will be applied to your report.

All the advances that you record will be listed in the ADVANCES & REFUNDS tab of your report.

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