How do I create and submit a report?

Once you’ve recorded all your expenses in Zoho Expense, you can create a report, add the expenses, and submit it for approval.

To create a report:

  1. Go to Reports on the left sidebar and click the + New Report button in the top right corner.
    Click the + icon next to Reports on the left sidebar.
  2. A new report page will open.
  • Fill in the following fields:
    Fields Description
    Report Name A name for the expense report.
    Business Purpose The business event or purpose for which you’ve incurred the expenses that are added to the report.
    Duration The duration for which you’ve incurred the expenses that are added to the report.
    Associate With Trip If you are reporting expenses that you incurred while on a trip, select the trip. Alternatively, you can directly create a report from the trip request.
    Tags Select the tag you want to associate with your reports. Learn more about tags.
  1. Click Save.
  2. A new report will be created and you can start adding expenses to the report. If you have any unreported expenses, you can add them to a report by clicking Add Unreported Expenses. Select the relevant expenses and click Add Expenses.
  3. Click the Submit button at the top right corner to submit the report for approval. If you have blocking violations, you will not be able to submit the report. Click Update, resolve the violations, and submit the report again.
  4. In a popup, your approver’s name will be displayed. Enter the email address to whom you want to carbon copy the report.
  5. Click Submit. Your report will be submitted to the approver.
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