What is policy violation? Will I know if I’ve violated a policy while recording an expense?

A policy violation happens when a user records an expense with details violating the company’s policies.

Once Admins have created a policy and assigned users to the policy, it will be automatically applicable to all expenses. Expenses exceeding the defined limits will be flagged as policy violations in the user’s expenses and reports.

A policy violation can be due to any of the following reasons:

  • Expense amount limit: The expense amount recorded is greater than the maximum amount allowed by the company for an individual expense.
  • Receipt required amount: An amount above which any expense recorded should have a receipt attached to it.
  • If description has been made mandatory by the Admin for all expenses, then expenses without a description are considered as policy violations.
  • An expense that has expired is considered a policy violation.
  • Uncategorized policy violation: When an expense is not associated under any category, it is considered a policy violation.
  • If the admin has configured rules and the user’s expenses violate them, then the expenses are considered a policy violation.
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