How do I create a mileage expense?

To create a mileage expense:

  1. Click the + icon next to Expenses in the left sidebar. OR
  2. Go to Expenses and click the + New Expense button at the top right corner. You can also add mileage by selecting Add Mileage from the + New Expense dropdown.
  3. A New Expense page will open.
  4. Click the Add Mileage tab. A form to create a mileage expense will appear.
  5. If you use your vehicle for business needs, you can create a personal mileage expense to claim the fuel reimbursement. Mark the Personal field if you want to create a personal mileage expense.
  6. Choose a category from the Category dropdown for your mileage expense.
  7. Choose a vehicle if your organization uses different mileage rates for different vehicles.
  8. Select the method through which you want to calculate your mileage expense. Select the Distance Traveled/Travelled option to enter the distance traveled/travelled, or select the Odometer Reading to calculate mileage from the start reading and end reading of your odometer.

    Pro Tip: Use the Zoho Expense mobile application to connect to GPS services and fetch the distance travelled automatically.

  9. The Amount is calculated automatically based on the distance traveled/travelled or the odometer reading and the prescribed mileage rate.
  10. Mark the Claim reimbursement option if you’ve spent your money for the expense.
  11. Mark the Billable option if you want to bill the expense to your customer.
  12. If you’ve checked the Billable option, you can choose the customer from the Customers dropdown.
  13. Use the Add to Report dropdown to add your mileage expense to an existing report or to a new report.
  14. Click Save and Close.
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