Can I attach multiple receipts to an expense?

Yes, it is possible to attach multiple receipts to an expense. You can attach a maximum of 5 receipts to an expense, of 7 MB each. You can attach receipts in various formats. To attach:

  1. Go to Expenses on the left sidebar.
  2. Click the expense for which you want to attach receipts.
  3. Click Attach receipts from computer or cloud or click anywhere at the left hand side of the expense creation page.
  4. If you want to attach receipts from desktop, click Select file from desktop or you can select a cloud account from which you want to upload receipts.
  5. You can attach the receipts individually or if you have multiple receipt images, you can select them at one go and upload them. To upload multiple receipt images from computer, press and hold the Shift key and Down Arrow together to select the receipts. Click Open and the receipts will be added to the expense.
  6. Click Save and Close to save the expense. The receipts will be attached only when you save the expense.
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