Build applications visually

Powerful code offered as drag-and-drop elements.

Advanced formsAnalyticsDashboards
Build apps visually

Advanced formsDigitize your data

Collect over 30 types of data, like barcodes, locations, and more, with our advanced forms. Learn more

Analytics Unlock insights

40 types of charts to visualize your data, capture KPIs, identify bottlenecks, and compare trends. Learn more

DashboardsSee the essentials

Converge data from multiple sources—databases, legacy ERPs—into web and mobile-ready dashboards. Learn more

Smarter applications with AI

Power your applications with AI to detect languages, analyze trends, predict sales, read emotions, identify objects, and more, without the need for human intervention.

Learn more

Automate the routine

Work smarter, not harder.

AutomateBuild applications visuallyBuild applications visually
Automate the routine

Workflows Let your systems do the work

Our low-code scripting language Deluge allows you to create workflows without needing extensive code.

Custom actions Perform multiple tasks with one click

Confirm product availability, send invoices to customers, and update your inventory—all using one button.

Payments Transact globally

Accept payments in any currency, and consolidate financial data across your company's various locations. 

Notifications Know what's going on

Stay on top of your work with notifications about progress or process deviations.

Schedulers and reminders Never miss a deadline

Schedule tasks to send reports and event invitations on time. Remind employees when tasks are approaching.

Approvals Speed up approvals

No more waiting for boss's approval for every quotation. Your applications can automatically submit and get requests approved. Learn more

Launch native multi-device applications without re-coding

Applications you build on the web are automatically available as native Android and iOS apps. Publish the entire app, or just a part of it, for internal or external stakeholders.

Build applications visuallyBuild applications visuallyBuild applications visually
Build applications visually

Mobile apps Empower employees to work anywhere 

Reach people on their phones and communicate more quickly across teams. Assign tasks, track statuses, and close deals on the go. Learn more

Rebranded applications Evoke your brand emotion

Customize the look of your app, upload your logo, and connect stakeholders through your domain. The applications are then yours to resell.

Portals Deliver personalized experiences

Keep customers engaged and informed with dedicated portals, that are based on their interests, location, and usage. Learn more 

Progressive web applications Access applications without installing them

Zoho Creator apps perform just as well as native apps when accessed via a mobile browser. Learn more

Multilingual applications Speak your users' language

Zoho Creator, and the applications built on it, automatically translate into a browser's default language.

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Small ideas can make a big impact.

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Extend the potential

Add your own code to harness even more possibilities

  • Cloud functions Code in other languages

    Write functions in Java and Node.js and invoke them across your applications.

    Cloud functions
  • SDKs Increase usage speed

    Gain full front-end control. Customize your application's appearance to suit your work habits.

  • Widgets Bring in your other applications

    Avoid going back and forth between different tools. Build reusable JavaScript widgets to utilize your third-party applications within Zoho Creator. 

Cloud functions

Host applications wherever you want

On premise 

Your applications, running on your servers, behind your firewall. Learn more

Zoho cloud

Your entire enterprise on our secure, battle-tested servers, with just a click. Learn more

Azure and AWS Beta

Host your applications on the cloud service of your choice.

Control access from one place

Centralized secure tools to manage users as you grow.


Application Diagnostics


Automatic backups




Federated logins

Audit trails Gain visibility into user activity 

See who's edited data, perform targeted investigations and keep track of changes made to your application.

Roles and permissions Share access—maintain control

Control who sees what. Define a detailed data access hierarchy and set permissions like create, view, update, and delete.

Single sign-onOne username, one password

Logging in to ten systems every morning just to get work done is no fun at all. Access multiple applications with a single set of credentials, entered once.  

Integrate to break down silos

Connect all the applications you use with Zoho Creator.

Extract the full power of your systems into one unified platform, and make better informed decisions with real-time data and analysis. Learn more

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Migrate in minutes and scale dynamically

Import Excel data or convert a Google Sheet into an application.

Import  MS Access, FileMaker, and many other database files.

Using a legacy system? Send us an email, and we'll get you set up on a modern platform. 

"Earlier, I had developed a PHP application that took me 2 years. It took me only 3 days with Zoho Creator."

A.K. Saravanan Developer, Team Everest

"We were able to automate about 80% of our manual work using Zoho Creator."

Karthee Vidya Founder, Team Everest

"With Zoho Creator you don't have any limitations. You can go as far as your imagination takes you."

Diego Cutignola Director, EStudio

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