What's New in Zoho Analytics - 2016

Trail on Zoho Analytics feature and service evolution. 

Dec 15, 2016

Subtle Changes in the Home page Interface

We have made the following changes in the Zoho Analytics home page.

1. The Create Workspace option has been renamed as Import Your Data to reflect the first step any user would perform upon logging into Zoho Analytics. You can continue importing your data from a wide variety of sources using this option as you used to with the create Workspace option.

2. The search bar in the Zoho Analytics homepage has been made much faster. The search now suggests the database names as you type in making it extremely responsive.

Dec 1, 2016

Public Release: Xero Advanced Analytics Add-on

We at Zoho Analytics are extremely happy to announce the general release of Xero Advanced Analytics Add-on. Till now the beta version of this connector was only  available for the paid users of Zoho Analytics. With this general release it is made available for all the Zoho Analytics users.

The Xero add-on is priced at $15/month. This will enable you to import your Xero data into Zoho Analytics, and avail all the features in the Zoho Analytics free plan. This add-on is available free in all the paid plans of Zoho Analytics

Zoho Analytics advanced analytics add-on for Xero enables you to slice and dice your financial data and derive great insights. You can analyze and create reports such as financial overview, bills trend, pending invoices and do much more with Zoho Analytics. You can also combine the data from Xero with the data from other sources/services and do cross functional analytics.

Click here to know more.

Connect Live with Amazon Redshift Database

We recently released a new and simple method to import data directly from various cloud databases such as Amazon RDS, Amazon Redshift, Microsoft SQL Azure into Zoho Analytics. In addition to that we are introducing a simple and easy method to connect live with your Amazon Redshift database.

In this method data will not be imported from Amazon Redshift and stored in Zoho Analytics. Instead for every report that you create, Zoho Analytics will generate appropriate queries to fetch the required data from Amazon Redshift to show you the report.

  • The live connect feature is available only in Zoho Analytics paid plans.
  • The feature is currently available only for Amazon Redshift.

Click here to know more.

Nov 18, 2016

Improved Drill Down Feature (Available only in New Charts)

Zoho Analytics now allows you to dynamically select the drill down path from the Zoho Analytics chart interface itself. Earlier, when you define a drill down path, you will be allowed to traverse only through the defined path. Now, the path that you define will be listed along with a wide list of connected columns that you can drill down with.

You can also configure the list of additional columns that are to be listed as a part of the drill down while sharing a chart.

In order to dynamically drill-down, click on the chart area and select Drill Down by.

Week Settings at Database Level

You can now update the week settings such as start day of the week, week format and week mode at the database level. All the reports in the database will use this week setting subsequently.

To set this,

  • Login to Zoho Analytics
  • Open the corresponding Workspace
  • Click Settings > General
  • This function will not be available if you have switched to the new charting library. We are working on it and will be released soon.

Click here to know more.

Nov 7, 2016

A simple approach to import data from Cloud Databases

We are introducing a very simple model to import data stored in your Cloud databases such as Amazon RDS, Amazon Redshift or Microsoft SQL Azure into Zoho Analytics for reporting & analytics. You can setup the import process using a simple setup wizard.

Till now, users had to download and configure the Upload tool to import data from the cloud databases. This new model does not require any software to be installed. You can completely setup and manage the import process from the Zoho Analytics web interface itself. You can also set up periodic schedules to have the latest data updated automatically into Zoho Analytics.

To import the data from the cloud databases, click the Import from Cloud Databases option in the Zoho Analytics homepage.

Click to learn more about importing data from cloud databases.

Important Note
  • In case you are already using the Upload tool, we strongly recommend you to use this new simplified import process to fetch your data from the Cloud databases into Zoho Analytics. This model is so easy that it will hardly take a few minutes to import your data into Zoho Analytics.

New Revamped Subscription page

 We have completely revamped the interface design of our subscription page. You can now completely manage your subscription including upgrades and downgrades from this page.

Incase you have purchased more than one Zoho Product, you can manage the subscription for all the products from this page.

Click here to know more.

Oct 17, 2016

Introducing the Google AdWords Advanced Analytics Add-on (Beta)

We at Zoho Analytics are extremely excited to present to you the Google AdWords advanced analytics add-on (Beta). This add-on enables you to import your Google AdWords campaign data into Zoho Analytics for powerful reporting and analysis. You can easily create reports to track your key ad campaign metrics such as best performing campaigns, conversion funnel, clicks vs conversion, ad analytics and much more...

Click to learn more about the Google AdWords Advanced Analytics Add-on.

  • The Google AdWords advanced analytics add-on is currently in public beta testing. Therefore, you may encounter certain functional bugs and limitations.
  • This add-on is currently enabled only for customers in the paid plan (Standard and above).

Custom Fields support in ManageEngine SDP analytics add-on

If you are using the ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus advanced analytics add-on, you can now import the custom fields available in ServiceDesk Plus account into Zoho Analytics. These custom fields will be automatically fetched upon updating your SDP pack to version 9229 or above.

Click to know more about the ManageEngine Advanced Analytics Add-on.

Oct 7, 2016

Enhancements in User Filters

In continuation with our updates on the user filter feature (Timeline Filter), we have once again come up with a list of enhancements to increase its usability.

In this update the following features have been supported:

1. Highlighting applied filters: This feature automatically highlights the user filter that has been applied on your report/dashboard with a subtle green color. This helps you quickly identify the filter that has been applied. 

2. Filter Level Reset: You can now reset a particular user filter that has been applied. To reset individual filters, click the Reset link available on the top of the corresponding filter.

3. Excluding Dashboard Filters: You can now choose to exclude a particular report in a dashboard if you do not want the user filter to be applied on it.

To exclude a report,

  • Click the Options icon of the report in the dashboard designer
  • Select Exclude Dashboard Filters.

4. Default Value in Timeline Filter: You can now set a default value for the timeline filter too.

To set a value as default,

  • Click the Edit icon on your timeline filter 
  • In the Selected Values list click the Star icon that appears on mouse over to mark the value as default.

5. Timeline Date Column mapping: You can now map a date column to be used for a timeline filter at a report level.

  • Click the Options icon of  the report in the dashboard designer 
  • Select the date column from the Mapping Timeline Filter drop-down.

Sep 27, 2016

Beta Announcements

We are extremely happy to announce the Beta releases of two much-awaited integrations with Zoho Analytics.

  • As these integrations are currently in public beta testing you may encounter certain functional bugs and limitations. 
  •  This add-on is currently enabled only for customers in the paid plan (Standard and above). We will come up with a pricing plan as a part of the general release.

MailChimp Advanced Analytics Add-on (Beta)

The beta version of Zoho Analytics Advanced Analytics Add-on for MailChimp enables you to easily analyze your email campaigns in MailChimp and derive great insights, with the in-depth reporting and analytical capabilities of Zoho Analytics. Product marketers and analysts can slice & dice their campaigns data, measure and track key campaign metrics and effectively execute their email campaigns.

This add-on comes bundled with over 40+ insightful reports such as campaign conversion funnel, active days of a campaign, customer domain specific analytics etc. that enables you to analyze your data deeper. You can also create your own reports using the easy to use drag and drop interface.

Click to know more.

Xero Advanced Analytics Add-on (Beta)

Zoho Analytics provides financial analytical capabilities using its dynamic and robust integrations with Zoho Books and QuickBooks Online. Now, it's time for Xero to join the league.

Zoho Analytics advanced analytics add-on for Xero empowers your financial data and helps you derive great insights. You can create and analyze reports such as financial overview, bill trend, pending invoices and do much more. The Xero Analytics add-on comes with 45+ insightful reports and dashboards that are capable of giving you a greater visibility on your financial data.

Click to know more.

Support to Set 'Column Width Ratio' while Exporting as PDF 

Zoho Analytics now provides you with options to set the column width ratio while exporting any tabulated report (Pivots, Tabular View and Summary View) as a PDF. You can choose to either export the report with

  • Equal width for all columns
  • Proportionate width as in the report

Sep 20, 2016

Introducing Variables Feature in Zoho Analytics

Zoho Analytics has introduced a new feature called Variables. Variables are placeholders that helps database administrators/owners to assign dynamic values for individual users of the database

You can use these variables as a part of the Sharing filter criteria to filter reports dynamically based on the user who has logged in. You can currently use variables in Sharing Filter criteria. We plan to support variables in features such as user filters, formulas etc. very soon. 

You can create and manage variables from the Variables tab in the Settings page. Click here to know more.

Support for Bubble Charts

We have introduced a new "Bubble Chart" type into  Zoho Analytics charting library. Bubble charts can be really useful if you want to visualize your data highlighting the magnitude/weightage of a data point with sizing. You can use a bubble chart wherever a Scatter plot is used, with scatters points being replaced by bubbles. The size of the bubble will be determined by the data column dropped in the new Size shelf of the Chart designer.


This chart type is available only in the "New Charts" library  which was released for public beta testing recently.  

Aug 24, 2016

Chart Chooser Dialog Revamped

In our continued efforts to provide visually rich and powerful chart engine, we recently revamped our entire charting library and announced its public beta. In continuation of that, we have now revamped our Chart Chooser dialog. Our new intuitive and smooth Chart Chooser dialog will help previewing the chart types available and switch between them real fast (with lesser clicks).

This dialog can be invoked using the Other Charts option in the toolbar. Try out and post your feedback!!

Enhanced Formula Editor with Suggestions

Zoho Analytics formula editor has been enhanced to support features such as keyword highlights, suggestions, error messages etc.

In this update the following features have been supported:

  • Suggestion: Provides you the possible autofill suggestions as you type in the formula. 
  • Keyword Highlight: Highlights the keywords in the formula for better readability and understanding of the formulas.
  • Warning/Error: Displays intuitive warning or error message in the case of any inaccuracy or error in the formulas.

Click to learn about creating formula columns.

Jul 27, 2016

Beta Announcement

We are glad to announce the availability of two important features for public beta testing. As these features are in beta, we would love our users to try and share their valuable feedback. You can share your feedback by clicking the Feedback link inside Zoho Analytics.

Visually Beautiful Charts:

We have completely revamped our charting library. Our new charts have been built using the latest client technologies such as HTML 5, Javascript, CSS & SVG. It is visually appealing, fast, light and offers a wide range of customization options. Not to miss we are adding a whole variety of new chart types too...

You can try the new charts (beta) by clicking Try New Charts link present in the top right corner of Zoho Analytics. 

Coming Soon in General Release: New chart types, New KPI widgets, New set of customization options and much more...

Zendesk Advanced Analytics Add-on:

The beta version of the Zendesk data connector enables you to view and analyze your helpdesk metrics in Zendesk. You can slice and dice your data and create insightful reports such as active tickets by agents, resolved tickets trend, escalations and do much more

Click here to know more.

Coming Soon in General Release: More than 50+ sample reports and dashboards. 

  • Please do note that as these features are currently in beta testing and hence they are subject to behavioral change. 

Jul 14, 2016

Announcement: Zoho Analytics Advanced Analytics for Zoho Books and QuickBooks Online

We are extremely happy to announce that Zoho Reports has now released Advanced Analytics Add-on for the two most popular accounting softwares - Zoho Books and QuickBooks Online.

Zoho Analytics offers seamless integration with these two softwares. This add-on empowers you with analytical capabilities over your Zoho Books/QuickBooks data. It also gives you a greater visibility on your financial data and helps you stay on top of the cashflow.

The add-on comes with a set of 75+ pre-packaged reports and dashboards, which you will find useful and valuable. Besides this, you can also create your own reports and dashboards for in depth financial analysis.

Refer to the below links to know more about this advanced analytics add-on

Zoho Books Advanced Analytics (help documentation) | Sample reports and dashboards

QuickBooks Advanced Analytics (help documentation) | Sample reports and dashboards

Jul 07, 2016

FTP Import Support in Zoho Analytics

Zoho Analytics now supports data imports from your FTP and SFTP servers. This will be extremely beneficial for users who store their data on these servers. Zoho Analytics also allows you to periodically schedule importing of data from your local/remote servers. With this, you can have the latest data synced into Zoho Analytics.

Click here to learn about importing data from a FTP server into Zoho Analytics.

Jun 23, 2016

Timeline Filter for Dashboards

Zoho Analytics has introduced a new type of user filter named Timeline FilterThis feature allows you to create a common Date/Period user filters that can be applied on all reports in the dashboard. This user filter is different from the other filters, as it is not tightly bound to any (date) column in a table.

With this timeline filter you will be able to setup a common Date/Period user filter independent of the tables on which the reports have been created.When you use the timeline filter in a dashboard, Zoho Analytics will apply the criteria on all reports, matching it with the best possible date column associated with the report. By default, if the report has a date column, it will filter using it. The matching date columns can also be customized. Since this is a common period filter, you can setup only one timeline filter in a dashboard

Click to know more.

May 24, 2016

New Settings Page for Workspaces

Zoho Reports has now introduced a new settings page that is specific for each Workspace. You will be able to manage your database preferences from this settings page. With this option, you will be able to configure a wide range of features such as starting day of the week, starting of a financial year, data backup and so on.

To access the settings page, click the Settings button in the Explorer tab of the corresponding Workspace.

Refer to this help documentation to know about the available options.

May 13, 2016

Zoho Analytics API - Client libraries for PHP & GO released

Zoho Reports has now included the API client libraries for the popular PHP and GO languages. This enables developers to easily build/integrate the powerful reporting and analytical capabilities of Zoho Analytics into their PHP or GO applications.

Zoho Analytics already provides client libraries in a variety of popular programming languages like Java, C# and Python. You can learn about Zoho Analytics API from our help documentation.

May 5, 2016

Support to Auto Identify Look-up Columns

Zoho Analytics allows you to blend/join data across multiple tables using a special feature called Auto-Join. This feature is enabled when you associate tables through a common look-up column. 

Zoho Analytics has now made the process of defining the look up easier. We now support auto identification of columns that can be linked (looked-up) with your existing tables in the same database at the time of import. It just needs a review and confirmation. Click here to know how.


Support for Email Schedules with Default User Filter

Zoho Analytics now allows you to set email schedules by applying the associated default user filters on the reports that are mailed. To apply this feature, select Apply Default User Filter in the Email: Settings dialog.

Apr 26, 2016

Enhancements in Conditional Formatting

Conditional Formatting in Pivots and Summary Views offers enhanced features like adding/formatting text and icons to highlight your condition in addition to the earlier formatting capabilities. Click to know more.

Wrapping Column Headers in Pivots and Summary Views

Zoho Analytics now allows you wrap lengthy column headers in Pivots and Summary Views. You can use this feature by clicking the Settings button in the toolbar and selecting Wrap Text in Column Headers.

Apr 13, 2016

Use 'Look-up' Fields in Formula columns

Zoho Analytics now supports 'Look-up' fields in formula columns. Previously, it was not possible to use formulas on a lookup field. You can refer to the Defining lookup section in this help documentation to learn about creating a lookup.

  • This functionality will be applicable only if the lookup column has been created with the delete criteria set as No Action on this (child) table.

You can use the lookup field to create both custom and aggregate formulas. Refer to the topic 'Adding Formulas' to learn about creating a formula column.

Full Join Support for Query Tables

Zoho Analytics now supports full join for query tables. The FULL JOIN combines the results of both left and right outer joins.

The joined table will contain all records from both the tables and will fill in 'null' in the case of missing values. You can refer to this video on 'How to create a query table'.

Custom Field Support in Zoho Projects Advanced Analytics Add-on

You can now include the custom fields available in your Zoho Projects portal in the reports that you create in the advanced analytics add-on. These custom fields will be automatically fetched upon the next schedule. Refer Zoho Projects: Advanced Analytics add-on to know more.

Apr 05, 2016

Introducing API Usage Metrics and Pricing 

Zoho Analytics now introduces a daily API usage limit in accordance with your pricing plan. Zoho Analytics API usage will be measured based on units consumed and the frequency of API calls. The API usage limit is capped to your pricing plan. You can refer to the below table to know the API usage limit for your plan.

PlanAPI Units per Day
Free1,000 units
Standard10,000 units
Professional25,000 units
Professional Plus50,000 units
Enterprise100,000 units

You can also purchase API units as add-ons. To know more about the usage limit or how it is calculated, refer to this help documentation.

To purchase API units as add-ons:

  • Log into Zoho Analytics.
  • Click the Subscription link on the top right corner.
  • Click Manage your Plan button under your Current Plan tab.
  • You can select your API add-on plan from the drop-down menu.
  • Click Proceed to make the payment.
  • This is applicable only for users who sign-up for Zoho Analytics, starting today. We will be gradually moving the existing users into this new API usage plan.

Mar 30, 2016

Campaign Module Support For Zoho CRM

Zoho Analytics now supports the following modules in Zoho CRM:

  • Campaign
  • Campaign Lead Status

 Existing users can include these modules using the Edit Setup option.

Refer to "Zoho Analytics Advanced Analytics Add-on for Zoho CRM" help documentation to know more about the default fields and formulas that will get synchronized for these modules on setup.

Mar 24, 2016

Pivot Enhancements

Display Missing Value Option

Zoho Analytics now supports the Show Missing Values feature for Pivots too. Recently, this feature was introduced in charts. This allows you to view the in-between missing values in your data. This can be applied on a Date or a Category column.

So far when you create a pivot with a date or category column, if a particular category does not have any value, then the Pivot would skip displaying that data. With this new option you can choose to display the record which does not contain a value. 

You can apply this function for the columns in both "Rows" and "Columns" shelves. You can also enforce hierarchy on the selected columns. Click to know more.

Mar 14, 2016

10 Fold Increase in Rows Limit in Free Plan !!

Zoho Analytics now offers 100,000 rows limit to all Free plan users. This is 10x increase from the current limit of 10,000 rows. Existing free plan users can avail this by visiting the Subscription page and following the directions from there on to upgrade their account.

Microsoft Edge Browser Support

In addition to Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer, we now support Microsoft Edgebrowser.

Mar 2, 2016

KPI Widget Enhancement

Customizing "Null Value" Display:

Zoho Analytics now provides an option to customize the display of unknown values in your widget. You can now customize both the label as well as the value for displaying null values.

Feb 25, 2016

Schedule E-mails in your own Time Zone

Zoho Analytics now offers support to schedule emails in your preferred time zone. Previously only Greenwich Mean Time(GMT) was supported.

To schedule an email :

  • Open the report/dashboard and click Email>Email this View. 
  • In the Email as : Settings window that opens, you can set your schedule preferences.

Jan. 8, 2016

Show Involved Columns Option in Reports Designer

Recently there was an update to filter, sort or expand the fields in the reports designer. We have now additionally implemented an option to Show Involved ColumnsThis will be useful to quickly list only the data fields used in creating a particular report.

Share your Feedback with a Screenshot

We now allow you to take a screenshot of the issue you are facing and attach it, while sharing your valuable feedback to the Zoho Analytics team. This will help us serve you better. To use this feature click on Feedback link in the top right corner and select Capture Screen.

You can click to capture the entire screen or drag to select a section of the screen. With this feature you will be able to

  • Zoom-in or Zoom out
  • Highlight a particular section
  • Blackout a section

Jan. 5, 2016

Support to Export/Email Multiple Reports in a HTML Format

Zoho Analytics now supports exporting/emailing multiple reports in a HTML file format. So far these features were only available for a single report.

Now you can export or email multiple views as a single zipped HTML file by clicking Export -> Export Multiple Views -> As HTML (ZIP).

So far this multiple export feature was supported for PDF file format.

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