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Oct 16, 2019

Introducing Data Snapshot 

We are happy to introduce the Data Snapshot feature. This allows you to capture and maintain historical data from a report. 

Data Snapshot periodically snapshots the data from a chosen report, and stores them in a table, for historical report creation & analysis. Let's say you have a report for Leads by Source and Status. With Data Snapshot, you can track the change in leads' status every month, week, day, or hour.

Click here to learn more on Data Snapshot.

Get Dependency Details for Views

You can now view the dependency details for Reports, Tables and Query Tables. 

The following are the dependency details available for each view. 

  • Reports - All the tables with the involved columns of the report.
  • Tables - All the reports created over the table.
  • Query Tables - The Parent Tables over which the Query Table is created and the Child Views which are created over the Query Table. 

Click here for more details on this

Import data from Google Team Drives and Zoho WorkDrive 

Now you can import data from Google Team Drives and Zoho WorkDrive. This allows you to import data from your business account. 

Click here to learn how to import from Google Team Drives and Zoho WorkDrive.

Notification for Domain Validation

To enable a secured mailing option (Emailing Reports, Data Alert Mails), Zoho Analytics allows you to send DMARC compliant email. In case you have not validated Zoho Analytics as a valid email source, then you will be notified in the dialog. 

You can click the Domain not validated link and validate your domain. 

Click here to know how to validate your domain

Advanced Analytics for Teamwork Projects Enhanced

Advanced Analytics for Teamwork Projects now supports synchronizing data from the Tags module. 

For more details about the Teamwork Projects connector, click here

Create a Sub-Folder

Now you can create sub-folders in your workspace. In the Create Under section select the folder in which you want to create a sub-folder. 

Sep 13, 2019

Introducing Geo Heat Map

Zoho Analytics now provides a new geo chart type: Geo Heat Map chart. This can be used to display data in a geo-map, color-coded based on the density of points in a particular area.
Geo Heat Maps makes it easier to identify spatial patterns in geographic data. This map can be used when you want to draw attention to the pattern of occurrence, for example, region with most deforestation and climatic changes, density of traffic by location, region with most sales, etc.
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Aug 28, 2019

Import Data from Statistical Files

You can now import data from statistical files, generated by statistical applications like SAS (*.sas7bdat), SPSS (*.sav), and R (*.rdata), into Zoho Analytics for reporting & analysis. These files can be imported from Local drives, FTP servers, or Web,

Import from more Local Databases with Zoho Databridge

Zoho Databridge now extends to support importing data from the following databases. 

Unsubscribe from Shared Organization and Workspace

From now on you can choose to unsubscribe from a shared Organization and Workspace. With this, you can easily leave an Organization and Workspace that are no longer of interest/relevance to you. 

Click here to learn how to unsubscribe from shared Organization and Workspace

Delete Own Organization

You can choose to delete your own Organization provided your account is associated with another Organization. 

Click here to learn how to delete Organization.

Apply Parent Table Filter Criteria while Sharing Dashboards 

Apply Parent Table Filter Criteria is now available while sharing dashboards. 

If you have shared a table (parent table) with a specific filter criteria to a user. Let's say you are sharing a dashboard, with dependent views embedded in it, to the same user. You can now choose to apply the parent table's filter criteria to the dashboard.

When you apply this option, share filter criteria in the parent table will be joined with the share filter criteria specified for and the dashboard, using AND option. 

Click here to learn more.

Aug 21, 2019

New Butterfly Chart

Zoho Analytics now supports a new chart type, Butterfly chart (also be referred as Tornado chart or Divergent chart).  This chart will be plotted as two horizontal bars with the same X-axis in the center, resembling the butterfly wings.

This will be useful in comparing contrasting data sets such as male vs female, income vs expense, positive vs negative, completed on time vs overdue etc., easily.

Click here to learn more.

Customize Pivot Summary Position

Now you can customize the position to display the summaries (Sub-Totals and Grand-Totals) in Pivot Table. You can choose to display a row summary either on Right or Left position. Similarly, you can display a column summary either in top or bottom position. 

Click here to learn more.

Aug 14, 2019

 Advanced Analytics for Shopify

Advanced Analytics for Shopify provides you in-depth e-commerce analytics on your store data in Shopify. With this connector, you can effectively track key business metrics such as product performance, shipment handling, customer preferences, order transactions, inventory management and many more....

This connector is bundled with 100+ pre-built reports and dashboards that provide deep driven insights to grow your e-commerce business. Apart from the pre-built reports, you can also easily create your own ad-hoc reports & dashboards based on not only your Shopify data but also by blending data from other data sources.

Click here to learn more.

Zoho Inventory & Zoho Subscriptions - New Addition to Zoho Finance Analytics 

Now Zoho Finance Analytics extends support for Zoho Subscriptions and Zoho Inventory services (in addition to Zoho Invoice and Zoho Books). 

With Zoho Subscriptions Analytics, you can get a visibility into your subscription transactions with in-depth analytics. You can track subscription trend, customer growth trend, revenue growth, average customer lifetime, cancellations, and customer churn rate.  

And for Zoho Inventory, you can get insights on sales returns, product inventory, warehouse items, packages and shipments. You can do a deeper analysis of your stock handling for an effective inventory management.

From now on, you can also analyze data from joined organizations in Zoho Finance Suite (Zoho Subscriptions and Zoho Inventory along with Zoho Books or Zoho Invoice). 

Click here to learn more.

Report Formula Enhancement

Report Formula now supports formula based on IF conditions. With this, you will be able to construct a Report Formula containing logical conditions (expressions)

You can use the following logical and comparison operators hence forth in your expressions: 

  • Comparison Operators: >, <, >=, <=, =, and !=
  • Logical Operators:  AND, OR, NULL

Comments widget in View Cards

Now the view cards in the Explorer tab contains a comment widget displaying the number of comments on each view. You can click the widget to open the comment thread directly. 

This widget will also highlight unread comments with a red dot to get the user's attention. 

Aug 2, 2019

 Emailing Reports -  Recipients Limit Extended

Number of recipients for emailing reports & dashboards has been raised from 5 to 25.  You can now specify upto 25 recipient mail ids when you mail reports. 

You can also add Groups as recipients and no longer need to enter all email addresses every time.  

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Selecting multiple views made easy

Shift + Click short cut key can now be used to easily select a contiguous list of views easily in the Explorer

July 23, 2019

New Data Connectors

We're happy to announce that Zoho Analytics is enriched with two new Advanced Analytics connectors: Advanced Analytics for YouTube Channel and Facebook Competitive Analytics

Advanced Analytics for YouTube Channel 


Advanced Analytics for YouTube Channel allows you to monitor and grow your YouTube channel by analyzing its performance with powerful insights. 

You can measure video engagement by analyzing your audience interaction such as likes, comments, shares, favorites, and watch time, to know what type of content resonates with your target audience. Also explore traffic stats to get deeper insights like geographic distribution, gender profile, device usage and lots more, which will let you tailor your content accordingly.

The Advanced Analytics for YouTube Channel includes 50+ prebuilt reports and dashboards.  
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Facebook Competitive Analytics

The Facebook Competitive Analytics connector enables you to analyze and compare the performance metrics across multiple Facebook pages. Marketers can use these insights to study how their page performs in comparison to the competition or with other pages. 

You can derive key insights to validate competitors' influence and benchmark your growth against them. You can also measure competitors’ engagement (their success and failure) to make sure you are in track with the trend and learn how to be ahead of them.  

The Facebook Competitive Analytics connector includes a wide range of prebuilt reports and dashboards to get your analysis started immediately. 

Learn more...


Apart from the prebuilt reports & dashboards bundled in each of these connectors, you can always create your own ad-hoc reports & dashboards using the easy to use drag & drop interface. You can also blend data across other sources to get end-to-end insights. 

July 17, 2019

Prediction Interval for Forecasting

​Zoho Analytics now allows you to specify the confidence % in which the predicted data points are most likely to occur.  Select the interval ranging from 75% to 95%. This option is applicable for the line chart.  Click here to learn more on Forecasting.

Send DMARC Compliant Emails

To enable a secured mailing option, Zoho Analytics allows you to send DMARC compliant emails. DMARC policy is an email authentication protocol that allows both senders and receivers to protect the domain from mail spoofing and fraudulent email. 

The Email Settings allows you to configure Zoho Analytics as a valid email source to send mail using your email address. With this, you indicate that the emails sent by you using Zoho Analytics aren't spam. 

Click here to learn how to configure the email settings. 

Chart Color Palette Revamped

The Chart Color Palette section is revamped with much easier user interface and vibrant colors.  Now you can easily customize and beautify your charts. Click here to learn more about the color palette.

Double-click to Rename Table Column

Now you can easily change the column name of a table by double-clicking the column header.

May 8, 2019

Dashboard Layouting made easy

Dashboard layout has been enhanced with the following flexible layout options:

Allow Export for Reports in Dashboard

A new option to enable or disable export options for the embedded reports in the dashboard is now added in the Dashboard Settings. You can also choose the export file formats to allow using the Customize link. 

Maximize Embedded Report in Dashboard

Now Zoho Analytics allows maximizing the embedded report to view in full dashboard layout. You can also open the report in edit mode from the dashboard. 

April 26, 2019

Geo Maps Visualization Enhancements

Zoho Analytics Geo Map Visualization has been enhanced with the following features.  

New Map Themes 

Map themes have been enhanced with Satellite map theme and a custom theme. With Satellite map theme you can now plot a geo map chart over Satellite map. 

The custom theme allows you to design a theme with your own colors and apply the same on a map chart. 

The map themes now support an option to invert the land and water color using the Invert Color toggle button. This is applicable for all theme except Satellite map. 

Airport IATA Code

Airport IATA Code in your data will now be recognized by Zoho Analytics as another geo type column. With this, you can create reports based on airport data

Multiple Country Map 

The country-specific map now allows selecting multiple countries in geo maps. Now you can display the map of the countries that are applicable to you and hide the rest. 

Continuous Legend

Now you use a continuous color range legend for map chart and categorize the data values using color range. This will be pretty useful for visualizing data based on the volume of occurrence.

Import Enhancements

Import Data from more Cloud Databases

Now Zoho Analytics allows you to import data from the following Cloud Databases

Import data from Files and Feeds

Data Import from local files and web/feed are now separated into 2 different options to simplify the import process.

Ignore Color Selection in chart drill-downs

You can now choose to ignore the specific color which you have clicked and drill down the entire data point using the Ignore Color Selection toggle button. 

April 3, 2019

View Report in Zoho Sheet 

Now you can view the Zoho Analytics view in Zoho Sheet. The data in each of the view will be displayed in Zoho Sheet retaining the same structure. In the case  of Chart, only the underlying data will be displayed and it will not be displayed as a chart visualization

The following view types can be viewed in Zoho Sheet.

  • Table 
  • Chart
  • Pivot Table
  • Summary View
  • Tabular View
  • Query Table

For more details refer here

Organize Views in Navigation Panel

Now you can choose to organize the views listed in the Data, Reports, and Dashboard navigation panel.  The view list can be organized in one of the following order. 

  • Folder - The views will be organized by folders they are saved in.
  • Related Views - All reports created over a table will be organized together. This will be useful to group reports that are created over the same table. This is applicable for Reports navigation panel alone.
  • Types - The views will be organized by type i.e., Chart, Pivot, etc., 

For more details refer here

Mar 27, 2019

New Chart Type - Bubble Pie 

A new chart type called Bubble Pie Chart is now added.  This is a combination of pie and bubble charts.

The data column dropped in the Size determines the size of the bubble.  Other aggregation will be plotted as a proportional division of the bubble. This will be useful in displaying multiple pie charts to compare the proportion of data across a series. 

For more details refer here

Combination Chart - More Chart Types Supported

Now Combination Chart supports more chart types. Previously bar, stacked bar, and lines alone were supported. Now more chart types are supported. You can choose two or more chart types in a single report from the given below.

  • Bar 
  • Stacked Bar
  • Line
  • Smooth Line
  • Step Line
  • Area
  • Stacked Area
  • Bubble
  • Bubble Pie

For more details refer here

Enhancements to Advanced Analytics for Google Ads  

The Keyword Performance module is now supported in the Advanced Analytics connector for Google Ads. Now data from this module will be synced into Advanced Analytics for Google Ads workspace for analysis. 

For more details refer here

Mar 20, 2019

Security Controls Options

Zoho Analytics provides a set of security options that enable you to control and manage access to your account. This includes setting up IP restriction as well as controlling the various sharing & collaboration options being made available.

  • Allows you to restrict accessing views in your organization account only from the allowed IP ranges. 
  • Allows you to restrict sharing of data/views in Zoho Analytics only to users from the trusted domains.
  • Allows you to restrict the generation of Private Links (URLs to views accessible without login) for views & slideshows.
  • Allows you to restrict accessing Private links (Without Login) only to users from the specified trusted domain.
  • Allows you to restrict publishing views.
  • Allows you to restrict accessing public views only to users from the specified trusted domain.
  • Allows you to restrict emailing views.
  • Allows you to restrict that the views can be emailed only to users from the specified trusted domain.  

Click here to learn more about security control options. 

Social Media Widget for Private Views

Now you can add social media widget in the private links (without login) published. This allows user viewing reports/dashboards from private links to share the same into social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. 

Click here to learn more about Private Link (Without Login).

Feb 8, 2019

Enhancements to Zoho Projects and Zoho Bugtracker connectors

The Zoho Projects and Zoho Bugtracker connectors have been enhanced with the following options.

  • The User Rates module is supported in the connectors. Now, users need not manually enter the user rate value in the Zoho Analytics Workspace to create revenue-based reports. 
  • From now on, the custom fields added in the Zoho Projects the Zoho Bugtracker modules will be synchronized into Zoho Analytics workspace. 
  • If you have set the Custom Project Status in Zoho Projects, then it will be updated in Zoho Analytics workspace. 

Supports to Format Data as Lakhs and Crores 

Zoho Analytics now supports to format the numeric columns as Lakhs and Crores. This will be specifically useful for users from Indian Subcontinent.  

The following are the new options added to format numeric columns.  

  • Lakhs (L) - Data will be formatted in lakhs (L). 
  • Crores (C) - Data will be formatted in crores (C). 
  • Thousands (K) - Lakhs (L) - Crores (C)- Data will be autoformatted as thousands (K), lakhs (L) and crores (B) based on the range the value falls in. 
  • Thousands (K) - Millions (M) - Billions (B) - Data will be autoformatted as thousands (K), millions (M) and billions (B) based on the range the value falls in.  
  • Auto (User Locale Specific) - Data will be autoformatted to the unit value as per the users' locale settings i.e., Data will be formatted in K-L-C if the user locale is from Indian Subcontinent and K-M-B for all other regions. 

Click here to learn about more  Formatting Options.

Jan 24, 2019

Country-Specific Map Chart

Zoho Analytics now allows you to plot a country-specific map chart. 

So far, Zoho Analytics displays the entire global map even if you have data for one country alone. Zoho Analytics will autofocus on the specific region alone. However, the neighboring regions will be visible. 

Now Zoho Analytics allows you to choose a country-specific map. This allows you to highlight the relevant region alone.
Click here to know more on this.

Support to choose Multiple Lookup Column for Joining

Now you can select multiple lookup columns to join tables for a report. 

So far, you can select one lookup column to join the data for a report. Now you can also select multiple lookup columns between each pair of tables in a path. This allows you to create report over data that meet multiple conditions.  

Click here to learn more on this. 

New 50+ In-built Functions

Zoho Analytics has now added 50+ in-built functions to the library for creating both Formula Column and Query Table. Existing functions are also refined to enhance usability. 

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