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Introducing Zoho CRM Field in Zoho Forms!

We have made a few enhancements to our Zoho CRM integration. With the new Zoho CRM field, you can now:

  • prefill forms with details from Zoho CRM
  • add a record to a related list in Zoho CRM from Zoho Forms
  • lookup and update a record in Zoho CRM
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Collect Payments With Razorpay

Zoho Forms now integrates with Razorpay. You can now collect payments in INR with your form using Razorpay payment gateway.

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Approval Workflow

Streamline and manage multilevel approval workflow for forms approval processes in your organization.

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Page Rules

Direct your respondents to a certain page based on their answers using Page Rules.

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Group Choices

You can now group a set of choices in the dropdown field using the new Group Choices option. 

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Respondent role

Users can now be added as 'Respondents' under an organization. Respondents cannot create or edit forms. They can add entries to a form, and access tasks & approvals assigned to them.

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Push 'File Uploads' & 'Signatures' via Zapier

You can now push data from the 'File Upload' and 'Signature' fields in your forms to other applications via Zapier.

Custom Layout Integration with Zoho CRM

Push your form data to custom page layouts in your CRM module. To learn more about Page Layouts in Zoho CRM, click here.

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Send emails to non Zoho Forms Users

You can now add email addresses of non Zoho Forms users in the 'To' address while configuring email notifications.

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Integrate with Zoho SalesIQ

You can now track visitors as and when they submit a form and engage in a conversation with them by integrating Zoho Forms with Zoho SalesIQ. 

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Field Alias

Assign an alternative name to identify your form fields. You can use this option to prefill your form fields. 

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Form Audit

Keep track of changes that are made in the form builder.

Disable field

Display a field with prefilled values that cannot be edited by your respondent. 

Zoho Forms for iOS 11

  • Improvised user interface for iOS 11
  • Drag & drop to fill forms (iPad only)
  • Access downloaded form attachments from 'Files' app
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Use Zoho Forms in your native language

Zoho Forms is now available in Japanese, Chinese, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, and Portuguese. Change your language preference under your account settings to create forms in your desired language. 

Templates for Document Merge

You can now choose from a list of templates to merge your form data to Zoho Docs. 


Include a sender name and cc address to your email

Now add a sender name while sending emails from Zoho Forms and copy other people to your email. 

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Change form ownership

Transfer forms from one user to another letting them to edit the form structure. 

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Save & Resume

Allow your respondents to partially complete a form and resume working on it later.

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Matrix Field

Now evaluate a series of statements using the same set of choices with Matrix field type. 

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Use date & date-time fields in calculations

Make your forms more effective by using the date and date-time fields in Formula field for calculations.


Assign choice values

A value can be assigned to each choice and you can make use of it in the Formula field to perform calculations. 

Document Merge

Auto-populate Zoho Docs and WebMerge documents with form responses using Document Merge. You can create and send personalized PDFs, images, spreadsheets, and more.

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Download HTML

Embed forms in your webpage using HTML/CSS codes.

Duplicate Fields

Duplicate form fields with choices and properties.

Payment Autofill

Autofill Payment amount with formula field's value.

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Integrate with Zapier

Connect your forms to 750+ applications using Zapier.

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Upsert Zoho CRM Records

Update existing CRM records, else, insert new ones with the data from form submissions.

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Create multi-page forms with a customizable navigation bar.

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