Payment Options

Payment Options

You can collect payments through your form with the Payment field. You can also configure formulas to calculate the payment amount and choose to trigger workflows only on successful payment.

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Setting up Payment field

The payments will be processed through third-party merchants. Start by adding the Payment field to your form. When the Payment Settings pop-up appears:

  1. Enter a Field Label for the Payment field in the given text box.
  2. Choose whether to make the Payment field mandatory using the check box.
  3. Choose from the two Payment Types provided:
  • Fixed: Choose Fixed if you are looking to collect a fixed amount (Eg. registration fee) from your customers or if you want to use the formula field to calculate the fixed amount. 
  • Variable: If you choose Variable amount, your respondents will be able to edit the payment field. The respondents will be able to overwrite the specified value and enter an amount of their choice (Eg. Donation). You can specify a minimum amount or use the formula field to calculate the amount.
  1. Payment Gateway: Under this section, select the third party merchants you would like to use, from the drop-down list. We've integrated with:

You can configure payment settings for all four merchants if you wish to provide your customers with the option of paying through the payment merchant of their choice.
Choose a merchant from the Payment Gateway dropdown.  For multiple payment options, click Add Merchant and select another gateway.  After this, each merchant has its own setup process:


If you've selected PayPal,

  • Enter your Account Name and specify the Payment Amount.
  • Choose the required Currency from the dropdown.
  • Specify in the checkbox whether you're in Sandbox mode.

Note: If you've configured the Payment field using Paypal, your form respondents can make payments directly using a credit card without having to create a PayPal account. Learn more.


If you have chosen Stripe,

  • Under Account Information, enter your Publishable and Secret keys.
  • Choose the required Currency from the dropdown.
  • Specify the Payment Amount.

Under Payment Informationyou can specify the details to be shown in the Stripe dashboard.

  • Customize the description by choosing the required fields from the dropdown on the top-right.
  • From the Mail Receipt to dropdown, choose the required Email field. Stripe will send the receipt of the transaction to this email address.
  • Specify the Name and Address fields under Shipping Details which is optional.

Note: Under Shipping Details, if you have included the Name, then you must also include Address and vice versa.


If 2Checkout is your chosen merchant,

  • Enter your Account Number and Secret Word.
  • Specify the Payment Amount, and choose the required Currency from the dropdown.


If Razorpay is your chosen merchant,

In your live form, the amount, text entered, and the merchant icon will be displayed. When the respondent clicks the Submit button, he/she will automatically be redirected to the merchant site to make the payment.


By checking this box under 'Workflow' the following actions will get triggered only in case of successful payment:

  • Approval processes
  • Email notifications
  • Rules configured for assigning tasks and sending emails
  • Integrations

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