Payment Options

Payment Options

You can collect payments through your form with the Payment field. You can use formulas to calculate the payment amount as well. 

The payments will be processed through third party merchants. When you add the Payment field to your form, the Payment settings pop-up would appear. To configure payment settings, follow these steps:

  1. Specify a label for the payment field in the 'Field label' text box.
  2. You can uncheck the Mandatory checkbox if it is optional for your respondents to make a payment.
  3. Payment type: Under the Payment type drop-down list, you will find two options.
    • Fixed: Choose Fixed if you are looking to collect a fixed amount (Eg. registration fee) from your customers or if you want to use the formula field to calculate the fixed amount. 
    • Variable: If you choose Variable amount, your respondents will be able to edit the payment field. The respondents will be able to overwrite the specified value and enter an amount of their choice (Eg. Donation).You can specify a minimum amount or use the formula field to calculate the amount.
  1. Payment Gateway: Under this section, select the third party merchants you would like to use, from the drop-down list. We've integrated with:
    • Paypal
    • Stripe
    • 2Checkout

You can configure payment settings for all the three merchants if you wish to provide your customers with the option of paying through the payment merchant of their choice.

To do so, Click on the Add merchant button, and specify all the necessary details for each payment merchant.

  1. Pick the Currency type from the drop-down list and enter all the required details. 
    For Paypal, enter your email address that is linked to the website in the Account name textbox.
  2. Payment amount:

If you've chosen 'Fixed' as the payment type, two options - 'Enter fixed value', and 'Autofill from formula' will be displayed.

  • Choose 'Enter fixed value' if you wish to collect a fixed amount and enter the value in the textbox provided.
  • On selecting 'Auto fill from formula' option, a drop down list with all the formulas that you've used in your form would appear. Select the required formula and click Done.

If Variable Amount option is selected, the two options that would be displayed are: Enter minimum amount, and Autofill from formula. Enter the minimum amount that your respondent should pay or select the appropriate formula from the drop down list.

Once you're done checking the information you've provided, click on Done.

In your live form, the amount, text entered, and the merchant icon will be displayed. When the respondent clicks the Submit button, he/she will be automatically redirected to the merchant site to make the payment.

Sandbox mode

When you select PayPal, you'll find the Sandbox Mode checkbox below the at the bottom of the left pane.

Sandbox mode is a security feature that ensures that only entrants with authorized credentials can make payments.

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