Double opt-In

Double Opt-In

You can enable the double opt-in feature to confirm your respondents' submission.

To set up the Double Opt-In for your form go to Settings > Double Opt-In and click Configure Now.

Thank You Page Settings

Form respondents will be taken to this page once they submit their form. To customize this page:

First, enter your custom Splash Message in the text box provided. A splash message is a message that will be displayed for a few seconds when your respondent submits their form and then disappears.

You can then customize where the Thank You Page takes respondents in three ways:

Rich Text

Choose this option to display a message in rich text format on form submission. You can format the message any way you like and even include images or links. You can also include values from field responses by choosing the required field from the dropdown at the top-right of the message text box.

Redirect To Website

Choose this option to take your form respondents to a website of your choice once they click Submit. Just enter the required URL in the text box provided. You can also choose to open the URL in the same window, new window or parent window.

Same Form

Choose this option to take your form respondents to the same form so they can fill out another submission.

Opt-In Email

This is the email that will be sent to form respondents to confirm their opt-in. To customize it:

  • Choose the appropriate email address from the From dropdown or click Add Alias to send set an alias email address from which the respondent will recieve the email.
  • Choose the required email field from the To dropdown to send the Opt-in email to.
  • Enter your custom Subject and Message of the opt-in email in the text boxes provided. You can include values from field responses by choosing the required field from the dropdown at the top-right of the text boxes.
  • You can present the link to the Opt-In Confirmation Page as a Button or URL in the email. Choose the required radio buttion.
  • If you choose the Button option, enter you custom Button Label in the text box. 

Opt-In Confirmation Page

To customize the messages on the opt-in confirmation page:

  • Enter the confirmation message in the given text box, to be displayed once your respondent chooses to Opt-In.
  • You can also customize the Opt-In Label in the text box provided.

  • If you want to include an option for respondents to opt-out, tick the given checkbox.
  • Once you've checked the box, customize the Opt-Out Label and Opt-Out Confirmation Message.

  • Once, you've completed all the above, click Save

Entries from respondents who are yet to complete Double Opt-In will be listed under the All Entries section, filtered by Pending Entries. You can find entries from respondents who have opted-out, under the All Entries section filtered by Opted-Out Entries.


Only when form respondents confirm their Opt-In, the following actions will be triggered:

  • Form Rules, Approvals, Integrations
  • Email Notifications, Messages & Redirects (Settings)

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