A subform is a secondary form or a table that lets you add multiple line items to a primary form.

Adding a Subform

To add a subform to your form, 

  1. Drag and drop the Subform field from Advanced Fields to your form builder.
  2. In the Subform pop-up, drag and drop the required fields, define field properties and click  .

Note: You can add up to 20 fields in a subform and up to 5 subforms in a form. 

Choosing the type of Subform

You can select the type of Subform to display in a live form. Two types are available: In-Line and Pop-Up. To choose the Subform type, navigate to the Subform properties panel, click Type of Subform dropdown, and select an option.

  • ​​In-Line: When a respondent clicks + button in live form, a new subform row will be added in-line with an existing one. A form with an in-line subform will look as shown below-

You can customize the label of Add Entry button that appears on the live form by navigating to the text box under Properties > Add Entry Label.

  • Pop-Up: When a respondent clicks + Add Entry button in the live form, the subform opens in a pop-up box. Once a respondent hits Done button on the pop-up, the summary of his/her subform entries can be seen on the live-form as shown below-

You can customize the label of Add Entry button that appears on the live form by navigating to the text box under Properties > Add Entry Label.

Subform Entry Limit

You can restrict the number of entries that can be entered in a subform.

  • To set a constant entry limit, enter the minimum and maximum values under Entry Limit in Subform properties. 
  • To set a limit based on form inputs, select the respective fields instead of entering values under Entry Limit in Subform properties. 


  • The maximum entry limit in a Subform is 100.
  • Subform is available only in our paid plans. 

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