A subform is a secondary form or a table that lets you add multiple line items to a primary form.

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Add a subform

To add a subform to your form, 

  1. Drag and drop the Subform field from Advanced Fields to your form builder.
  2. In the Subform pop-up, drag and drop the required fields, define field properties and click  .

Note: You can add up to 25 fields in a subform and up to 5 subforms in a form. 

Types of subform

You can select the type of Subform to display in a live form. Two types are available: In-Line and Pop-Up. To choose the Subform type, navigate to the Subform properties panel, click Type of Subform dropdown, and select an option.

  • ​​In-Line: When a respondent clicks + button in live form, a new subform row will be added in-line with an existing one. A form with an in-line subform will look as shown below-

You can customize the label of Add Entry button that appears on the live form by navigating to the text box under Properties > Add Entry Label.

  • Pop-Up: When a respondent clicks + Add Entry button in the live form, the subform opens in a pop-up box. Once a respondent hits Done button on the pop-up, the summary of his/her subform entries can be seen on the live-form as shown below-

You can customize the label of Add Entry button that appears on the live form by navigating to the text box under Properties > Add Entry Label.

Subform Entry Limit

You can restrict the number of entries that can be entered in a subform.

  • To set a constant entry limit, enter the minimum and maximum values under Entry Limit in Subform properties. 
  • To set a limit based on form inputs, select the respective fields instead of entering values under Entry Limit in Subform properties. 


  • The maximum entry limit in a Subform is 100.
  • Subform is available only in our paid plans. 

Validate duplicates in the subform

When you do not want repeated values submitted for your Subform fields, you can apply the duplicate check validation. You can configure this for individual fields as well as for a combination of fields. Also, this validation occurs only within each of the Subform submission and not for previous form entries. 

To validate duplicate entries for an individual field in Subform

  1. Go to the Properties pane of the field.
  2. Under Validation check No duplicates.

To validate duplicates for a combination of fields in Subform

  1. Go to the Properties pane of the Subform.
  2. Under No Duplicates for Combination of Fields, click Select Fields.

  1. In the pop-up, pick the fields that you want to check duplicate entries for and click Save.


  • Supported fields types for validation: Single Line, Number, Phone, Email, Date, Time, Date-Time, Dropdown, Radio.
  • For a specific Subform, either validation for individual fields or validation for a  combination of fields can be configured.
  • You can select a maximum of 3 fields as a combination to be checked for duplicates.

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