Field Alias

Setting Field Alias

You can assign an alternative name to identify your form fields. To provide an alias:

  • Navigate to Settings > Field Alias.
  • Here, you'll find a list of all your form's fields. 
  • Select the field from the drop-down and provide its alias in the text box provided.
  • Click Save.

You can use this option to prefill your form fields. You will have to append the field alias and its value to the URL of your form. When the form is accessed, the page loads information into certain fields automatically.

To do so:

  • Assign names to the fields whose value has to be prefilled by using the Field Alias option. You will be using this name in your URL. 
  • Access the public URL of your form. You will find it under the Share tab.
  • Append the fields' values to your URL. If you are prefilling two or more fields, use an ampersand (&) after every field.


For example:

If you are looking to pre-fill fields 'Organization' and 'Department' with values 'Zylker' and 'Marketing', you must include ?dept=Marketing&org=Zylker to your URL. Here, 'dept' and 'org' are the field aliases for 'Department' and 'Organization' respectively. The URL should look like

Pre-fill a Multiple Choice Field

If you have to pre-fill a multiple choice field(Multiple Choice, Checkbox fields), the choice that needs to be pre-filled to the form should be added to the final URL as a separate key parameter.

For a multiple choice field, the URL with field alias will be as follows:<fieldalias-name>=<choicevalue-1>&<fieldalias-name>=<choicevalue-2>

Pre-fill a Dropdown Field

1. Dropdown field without Grouped Choices:

If you have to pre-fill a dropdown field without a set of grouped choices, the choice to be pre-filled needs to be added as a key parameter to the URL.

In this case, the URL with field alias will be as follows:<fieldalias-name>=<choicevalue>


If you have set field alias name for the Dropdown field in your form as dpdthe URL with field alias will be as follows:

2. Dropdown field with Grouped Choices:

If you have Grouped Choices, you can choose to pre-fill the form with one of the choices in a group. In this case you need to add "_gc"  to the Field alias in the form URL. In the URL, you will have it as a parameter-name and the group name needs to be appended as the parameter-value.

In this case, the URL will be as follows:<fieldalias-name>=<choicevalue>&<fieldalias-name>_gc=<group-name>


If you have set field alias name for the Dropdown field in your form as dpd, where the Dropdown field has 2 groups with 3 choices each namely Group1 and Group2. 


If you wish to pre-fill your form with Group1, Choice3, the URL will be as follows:

Note: Make sure to specify the choices exactly like how it has been mentioned in your form.

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