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Read some of our customer success stories and how they've seen a positive impact on their business using Zoho Inventory over other inventory solutions.

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  • "Zoho Inventory is one of the most easy-to-implement inventory management solutions we have come across, with frequent updates that add more features with each iteration. It helps us so much with our Shopify sales management. The collaboration functionalities of Zoho Inventory were extremely helpful during COVID-19, helping us go remote in no time."

    Ashish Verma

    Operations & Logistics Manager,

    BOHECO, India

  • "We have been using Zoho Inventory for a couple of years now, and it has been amazing for us to collect all of our online and offline sales in one place. It also synchronizes perfectly across our accounting and marketing systems. The Zoho Finance suite of products has turbocharged our ability to track real-time data about our business. Having all of our departments seamlessly integrated together allows us to respond quickly and make the right decisions every time."

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    Adam Petyt


    Element Packaging LTD, UK

  • "We have been using Zoho Inventory since 2016, and it has been a great addition to our suite of Zoho products. Zoho Inventory allows us to manage multiple inventories at multiple warehouses across the continent and globe. Zoho Inventory has also simplified shipment tracking since we can add the tracking details directly to our customers' orders."

    Jim Aguilera

    Chief Operating Officer,

    Snakebyte Inc., USA

  • "Over the years we have used several software applications to manage our inventory, but all they did was unnecessarily complicate the process. We recently switched to Zoho Inventory, and it seems to be a very good decision. Zoho Inventory has helped us manage our inventory and customers efficiently. It has helped us automate many of our business processes, including online store sales. It's also effortless to navigate, and its seamless integration with our other Zoho products has proven to be very helpful."

    Sharad Nawalgaria


    Fida India, India

  • "We are a B2B supplier of safety gear and consumables. With Zoho Inventory, we have streamlined order management and reduced order processing times. The seamless integration between Zoho Inventory and Zoho Books keeps our finances up to date instantly. The best part of the deal, however, is that the Zoho team takes our feedback seriously and continuously improves their products and services."

    Ben Cox


    Badger Australia, Australia

  • "Zoho makes it easy for me to control my business finances and inventory. The system is intuitive and easy to navigate, and it's fantastic that everything is cloud-based. I’ve been able to set up accounts exactly the way I like and fine tune my inventory so I can track what sells best, and adjust my purchases accordingly. I can even invoice customers from my phone if needed! The reporting function is fabulous. As a start up business owner, it reassures me that I can be completely in control of my business growth and don’t have to rely on external accountants for a complete overview."

    Willa Latham


    Gentle Rattle Of China, UK

  • "We knew that to be more efficient and save time, we had to go for an official programme that could help to organize the customers, organize the stock and invoices, and also keep track of all the accounting. Zoho met all the requirements."

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    Freediving Planet, Hong Kong & Philippines

  • "Earlier, we had a lot of problems managing our customers, stock, and invoice. Due to this, we were losing our customer's trust, missing the opportunities to expand our business, we were not able to follow up with prospects, and our stock records were not accurate because most of it was maintained in Excel. With Zoho Inventory, managing all of these is very easy. We have transformed our weaknesses to strength, now workers perform better, we've a better reporting system and the customers also appreciate us for quick responses."

    Mihran Mkhitaryan

    General Manager,

    HGA Machinery, Tanzania

  • "The Zoho Inventory app has been really helpful in tracking the movement of key SKUs and the team has been very kind in providing us with solutions to our queries."

    Team OYO Homes

    OYO Homes, India

  • "It is simple to use and setup, I was able to login and get going right away, it allows me to have a lot more control over inventory than say Quickbooks."

    Taylor Ray


    Vel-Ray Products, LLC, USA

  • "I had initially tried Quick Books paired with a third-party inventory module, but I got tired of it quickly and had to drop it. Zoho wins over competitors hands down! It handles most day to day business processes of any product/service business with ease. The UI is very clean and easy to use. It is very unlikely that you would come across software bugs."

    Vallabhan C S

    Digital and online sales,

    Kaadoogames, India

  • "Zoho Inventory has been a great addition to managing our small business across North America. Managing stocks and returns across the multiple warehouses has been easier than expected. What stands out for us the most is when there is an issue or an area that needs to be addressed. The support team is extremely responsive and being a business owner this sort of communication is important."

    Patrick Fletch

    Director of Business Development,

    Alloygator Limited, USA and Canada

  • "I have been using Zoho for many years now and have grown two businesses running Zoho. I love the value, there isn't another service out there that I am aware of that gives you the services they do for the price. I use the mobile app. My service guys on the road use the app as well, creating invoices right from customer driveways. I also love how Zoho is always making changes. They actually listen when you call for help or give them feedback. I enjoy Zoho and have recommended it to many people. It's not perfect for my business, but we are able to make it work and it works well."

    Eric Goldstein

    Sales Director,

    LC Golf Cars, USA

  • "A great system. It has resolved all bottlenecks for small-medium business. Every step has been taken care of. We can finally focus on the market without wasting time on day to day paperwork."

    Bowen Jia

    Managing Director,

    NZ BBQ, New Zealand

  • "We started using Zoho Inventory in 2016. It was a year after we started our online leather handbag company. Prior to using Zoho, we had used excel for managing our inventory, and this complicated our inventory process. We found Zoho and have been using the system to manage our inventory ever since. Zoho Inventory has great features that help us better receive and track our inventory. We get notifications when we are low on items, we can create our POs right from the system, and fulfilling orders is easy with built-in sales order and invoicing functions. One other great feature we like is the reporting, which gives us insight into top performing products within a specific period. The Zoho team has also been great at evolving their system regularly to adapt to the ever-changing needs of customers, adding new and efficient features to help solve customer pain points and make their experience better."

    Wande Adedeji

    Executive Director,

    Vicenzo Leather, USA

  • "Zoho Inventory has helped us very much in regard to streamlining our online and B2B orders. The shipping integrations are a breeze to use in the app, and the customer support is amazing. They are always a call or chat away and never fail to surprise me with their expertise."

    Eric Bodreau

    Inventory Manager and Webmaster,

    Bear Knuckles, USA

  • "Thanks to the Zoho Inventory team for this wonderful system. I had been using a traditional software system before, which felt very limited. But Zoho is like a fresh breath of air for my business and choosing it was a very satisfying decision. It has made automation so much simpler. Now, I don't feel scattered, and Zoho's support team adds to my peace of mind. Thanks again for this wonderful software."

    Sandeep Singla


    SPC Healthcare Pvt Ltd., India

  • "When I thought of starting a new business initiative during the pandemic, I had no time for making business plans or SWOT analyses. But one thing I have to admit is that Zoho Inventory is one of the easiest inventory management solutions to implement that I have come across, and onboarding with the Zoho Team was excellent. They really helped me to build the right platform for my business."

    Shaji Anandan

    CMO - Promoter,

    Sanitiz Ltd, UK

  • "With our old inventory system and QuickBooks Desktop, getting everything to sync together was a nightmare. Not only does QuickBooks Online autosync with Zoho Inventory, but so does our website and our Etsy, eBay, and Amazon stores! I haven't had to manually enter in orders since I got everything set up and running, and I save SO much time."

    Brenna Greely

    Sales & Marketing Manager,

    Motherwell Products USA Inc., USA

  • "Moving from manual systems, Zoho was a logical choice for the inventory and order processing needs of our young company. It was easy to learn, intuitive, and provided a platform for our business to grow."

    Dan Slabaugh

    Senior Director,

    Acera Surgical Inc., USA

  • "We managed everything using spreadsheets but it was not practical after 3 months. Zoho Inventory helped us streamline and organize our business. Mobile app is very helpful as you can keep track of your customer requests even when you're travelling."

    Stefano Gagliardi


    SG Projects, Italy

  • "Our stock management system has become much better after using Zoho Inventory. We also switched to Zoho Books for our accounting management for its seamless integration with Zoho Inventory"

    Clive Taylor

    Managing Director,

    Doability, UK

  • "It is an awesome software. It's automation feature is really nice. Most of the daily operations can be managed with the use of different APIs."

    Shubham Chopra


    Chopra Lighthouse, India

  • "We specialize in solvents and fine chemicals. We manage all our inventory, sales, and purchases using Zoho Inventory and Zoho Books. They are easy to learn, easy to apply, and the support team is very helpful. We like Zoho very much!"

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    Venkateswara Rao

    Managing Director,

    Azole Rasayanas Pvt. Ltd., India

  • "Zoho Inventory has helped us to manage our business easily and meets all our inventory needs. The onboarding experience was quite impressive in that our not-very-tech-savvy employees could learn the software easily and quickly. The product support has always been of great help every time we talk to them, especially with the implementation of multiple automations within the app."

    Lila Zarski

    Director of Operations,

    Equicore Concepts LLC, USA

  • "I find Zoho Inventory a great help in keeping track of orders for keys and levels of key blanks in stock. The integration with other Zoho Products is excellent."

    David Hill

    Business owner,

    Thames Valley Lock and Safe, UK

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