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How to use Zoho Inventory SKU generator

| Free SKU Generator


Online SKU Generator for Inventory Management

SKU generator helps to keep item naming consistent, clear, and easy to remember, even if you have long list of items in your inventory

Got a long list of inventory items? Check out our free SKU generator Excel file

Benefits of auto SKU generator tool

Pattern based SKU Generation Pattern based
You just decide a pattern and the tool will generate the SKU for your item
Consistent SKU for products Consistent
The pattern remains the same for an entire item group thereby keeping it consistent
Inexhaustible list of variations Inexhaustible
The tool can effortlessly support your growing list of items and new variations 
Less confusing item variations Less confusing
The naming is simple and rule-based which avoids confusion and mix-up

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SKU?

SKU is an abbreviation for Stock Keeping Unit. It is a code that you decide for each item in your inventory. If your item has multiple variations then, you also need to create a unique SKU for each variation so that you can track the performance and have a better analysis of each variant.

What is a SKU generator?

An SKU generator is a tool that generates an SKU for your inventory items based on the attributes and rules decided by you.

What is the best way of managing the SKU effectively?

We will always suggest to start using inventory software. You can start with a free plan to test the product and check if it fits your business. Like in Zoho Inventory, we have a comprehensive list of features under the free plan which can help you to manage SKU effectively.

How do I decide the attributes of the items?

The attributes depend upon the nature of your products. There can be a lot of variations like color, size, and length. Based on this, you can add the attributes and the tool will generate the SKU.

How is the order decided?

The order of the SKU will be decided by you. You can change the sequence of the SKU and try out different variations before committing it (saving it) in the system. You can also add different separators to make it more precise.

What are some of the basics for deciding the SKU of an item?

There are three golden rules that you need to remember while deciding the SKU for an item : Use cascading method, keep it simple, and avoid using special characters. To read more about this Click here

How SKU is different from serial or batch number?

SKU is a unique name that you identify for each item in your inventory. Whereas, serial number is a unique identifier for each unit and batch number is a identifier for an entire batch of items. The serial and batch number will change as you buy and sell the items but, the SKU for the item will remain the same.

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