"Zoho Reports is an easy to use, affordable and powerful reporting tool. It is extremely robust and has helped our marketing team eliminate data redundancy which is common when using an excel spreadsheet. We now have a single version of analytics for every one."

Christianne Bradley

Senior Marketing Manager,
Los Angeles Times

"I would strongly recommend Zoho Reports to any company that cares about making intelligent, informed decisions."

Ian Melchior

EcoMark |  View Case Study

"I chose Zoho Reports because of the interface and the robust features to handle our volumes of data quickly and efficiently."

"Zoho Reports has helped our business reach the next level. It's so easy to use, but is nevertheless more powerful than many other products on the market."

Shaheed Fazal

Interchem |  View Case Study

"Once I started to understand the few principles upon Zoho Reports is built, the drag and drop interface did the rest. "

Daniele Poggio

Aqualibria |  View Case Study

"The support staff of Zoho Reports are excellent. During the initial phase, I fumbled with a specific use-case, which was addressed by the support team within 24 hours. I was amazed with the solution."

"We were looking for a solution that allowed users in twenty or more countries to enter, store and report on lots of data. We found the perfect solution in Zoho Reports."

"We implemented all our dashboards using this smart and amazing software."

Paulo Miguel

Resource IT Solutions

"Whenever I call, your support reps are always there to help. Zoho Reports has changed my business!"

Paul Abel

Elite Business Ventures

"Our reps love Zoho Reports! If you don’t have Zoho Reports, you should!"

Steve Wallace

Glacier Medical

"I have never seen such an incredibly useful, informative and amazing reporting product! We use the Zoho Books integration with Zoho Reports. The integration is extremely easy, useful, powerful, and polished. In short, Zoho Reports is a gem of a product! I love it."

Derek Collier

Managing Director, Metro Ambulance

"Zoho Reports has helped me better track our business performance and easily share this information with the rest of our team. I used to track all this in an Excel spreadsheet but the charting, reporting and sharing features in Zoho Reports are far superior and easier to use than Excel."

Tim Redline

Redline Pharmacy

"The wide variety of report and chart options available in Zoho Reports allows us to serve our customers with secure web reports. Our customers are able to make informed business decisions using Zoho Reports."

Roderick Bley

Fabricator's Choice

"Zoho Reports offers a free web-based reporting solution that usually only big-budget sites can afford. "

Allan Leonard

Northern Ireland Foundation

"I needed a reporting database in which everyone could access the information and reports, but one person could control. Zoho Reports did the job for us."

John Kubenka

CH2M Hill

"By using Zoho Reports, we are able to greatly increase the effectiveness of our campaigns for our clients."

David Kreiger


"The Zoho Development team is an outstanding partner to us at Blue Ridge. They share the same commitment to excellence that we strive for with our customers."

Dan Craddock

Blue Ridge Inventory Group

"The use of Zoho Reports has brought in tremendous value for us."

Rajesh Kumar

TMI Network

"We have been using Zoho Reports for about 2 years now. We were so impressed with the flexibility, ease of use and low cost that we decided in integrating it with our customer solution. The integration was straightforward and therefore we opted a white label solution. Now our customers also love Zoho Reports equally. Zoho Reports has been highly reliable, secure and any queries have always been promptly addressed."

Todd Penny

Founder and CEO, GoCodes - Zoho Reports White Label customer

"We have seen remarkable benefits using Zoho Reports, not only in the time-saving aspects of report creation, but also in the level of insight one can get from the data. Zoho Reports has helped us take informed decisions. Measuring the impact of strategies executed has been to the point. A big shoutout to this tool!"

María Fernanda Cruz

Quality Control Manager, DriveOp

"Our need for Right-to-Left and Hebrew fonts support were answered promptly and professionally. Zoho Reports serves us as a near real time reporting tool."

Avishai Chelouche

Member of Residents for Pardes Hanna-Karkur (T.L.M)

"Zoho Reports is saving us hours of effort and helps keep our expenses down."

Joshua Dwayne Barnes

National Society of Black Engineers, Lamar University, Beaumont

"Zoho Reports has excellent up-time and remains fast and responsive, even with 2 million records in the database."

"The ability to produce pivot tables and the integrated SQL functions have been of great value in producing insightful reports and graphs."

Jonathan Loranger

Review @ ITCentralStation

"Report generation was silo'ed to staff members with specific technical skills. Now, a much greater number of managers can understand the drag/drop interface of Zoho Reports and can benefit from reviewing the data."

Fred Greenhalgh

Review @ ITCentralStation

"Zoho Reports makes it a lot easier to have access to data tables, create pivot charts and reports."

Data Analyst at a Transportation Company

Review @ ITCentralStation

"If anyone sees me hyperventilating over here in a corner, I blame the incredibleness that is @zoho reports. My life has been changed."

"Been playing with Zoho Reports today - give it a few CSV files, set up some relationships and BOOM! Reporting, sorted.. pretty cool"

"@Saadie complex relations and lots of complex calculations. Zoho Reports looks good so far. :) "

"If you run a business, like numbers, spreadsheets, charts and databases then you really can't beat Zoho Reports."

"Given the apparent power of I am surprised how *little* chatter it generates."

"Check out Zoho Reports - Online Dashboard and reporting systems. It's free and so easy to use! #business #reporting..."

"Ken Thompson's Micro Blog: A Great Free Tool for Building Online Dashboards"

"Zoho Reporting is my new best friend."

"Openbravo - Zoho Reports Integration. Zoho's willingness to integrate w/other environments is a key strength."

"Just got a pivot table working on Zoho Reports in 5 mins that I haven't been able to make work in Excel after 2 months of faffing."

"#VGSoM's take on Zoho Reports"

"Zoho Reports: Business Intelligence Made Simple -"

"@ZohoReports was just added to StartHQ!"

"Directory - Zoho Reports: Easily Work With Spreadsheets & Databases Online"

"Looking for a new way to track your web-based applications? Check out how we've profiled @Zoho Reports #SaaS"

" Boosts Business Intelligence with Zoho Reports"

"New tutorial: How to integrate @carriots with Zoho Reports to create your own BI reports for #iot #m2m devices"

"@Zoho Reports is a powerful business intelligence platform. Read our review #software"

"Jane's review of Zoho Reports is up! Great (free) cloud tool for analyzing data & creating dashboards #nptech"

"Dashboard Spotlight: US Student Debt #zoho"

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