Zoho Analytics enables 10% increase in revenue for WhatConverts

    10%Increase in revenue
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"Earlier, we missed things because we didn't have good reporting to pick up on problems early. But now, with Zoho Analytics, we can generate reports that we couldn't do earlier because of the time it took. Now it helps us make informed decisions."

Adrian Cooney
COO, WhatConverts

About WhatConverts

WhatConverts is a US-based SaaS company that offers an all-in-one lead tracking platform. Using a feedback loop, they provide deep data analytics in source tracking, lead quality, and revenue generation. They're also specialized in lead tracking, call tracking, form tracking, chat tracking, Google Ads conversion tracking, and Google Analytics goal tracking.


Adrian Cooney is the COO of WhatConverts. He was looking for a tool to get better data visualization, and also to create reports in readable formats.

As an advertising company, WhatConverts had data coming in from different sources. Cooney used Xero to maintain financial records, as well as CallHippo, a virtual phone system which was linked to Zoho CRM. Customer details were maintained in Zoho CRM and he also had a unique WhatConverts database that was linked to Zoho CRM.

The company was on the lookout for a BI tool that could be integrated with all these software solutions. They assessed popular tools like HubSpot CRM, SugarCRM, 1CRM, and Salesforce, but none met the company's needs.

WhatConverts tried Excel to create their reports, but it took a lot of manual effort and each time a new report had to be created, since Excel lacked the option to auto update with real-time data.

WhatConverts wanted a solution that could:

  • Enable better data visualization
  • Derive in-depth insight  about the campaign's performance
  • Provide collaborative analysis on  data

"Excel was too much to handle. To check the stats each time, we had to create a chart or report from scratch. It was time consuming."

Adrian Cooney
COO, WhatConverts


After evaluating tools like HubSpot CRM, SugarCRM, 1CRM, and Salesforce, WhatConverts decided on Zoho Analytics, because Cooney was already familiar with the tool since he was using Zoho One for his brother's company, Engineered Media.

Using Zoho Analytics's data connectivity options and built-in connector, data from Xero and Zoho CRM were seamlessly integrated into Zoho Analytics. Data from CallHippo and the WhatConverts database was also brought into Zoho Analytics via Zoho CRM.

Cooney was impressed by Analytic's pivot table and SQL query features. He was also able to create all the charts he needed—and getting them updated with real-time data was the cherry on top.

WhatConverts uses Zoho Analytics for:

  • Sales analytics: To analyze and identify, model, understand, and predict sales trends and outcomes
  • Lead analytics: To report and evaluate marketing strategies to better understand leads

"In Zoho Analytics, the integration was smooth and the real-time data was getting auto updated. We were able to quickly create key reports that helped us in making decisions."

The main benefits WhatConverts achieved with Zoho Analytics is that they were able to create key reports that they were not able to create earlier, because of the time it used to take. Cooney also mentioned that these reports played a key role in decision-making and increased their revenue by around 10%.

Their dashboards and reports are shared with about 30 users within internal teams.

Benefits & results

  • Created insightful reports and dashboards
  • Offered striking data visualizations
  • Enabled better client relationships
  • Increased revenue by ~10%