IMT Matcher saves £5,000/year with Zoho Analytics

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"Initially we started using Zoho Analytics only to analyze support tickets, but the outcome was so impressive that we started using it for the entire business!"

Tom Vogler,
Head of Service and Support, IMT Matcher

About IMT Matcher

IMT Matcher provides IVF management technologies and quality management systems to fertility centers, donor banks, and other assisted reproductive technology (ART) centers around the world. It was established in 2002 and is based out of the United Kingdom.

IMT Matcher is a barcode-based system that was specifically created for IVF clinics and donor banks, to help prevent errors through misidentification of patients and their gametes and embryos.


Tom Vogler, head of service and support at IMT Matcher, wanted to analyze their support data in Zendesk because of their rapidly growing customer base and the company's desire to maintain its reputation for providing the best service & support in its market. Though Zendesk offers analytics as part of its customer service and support platform, users have to pay extra to access it.

Vogler felt the pricing was a tad steep, considering analytics was needed only for analyzing support tickets, so he used Excel instead, but found it tedious and time consuming.

The company's sales, marketing, finance, partner management, operations, and task management teams were using different applications, like Pipedrive, Zendesk, Sage 50, Microsoft Planner, and DevOps was using Excel to analyze their respective data.

The process became more laborious every time a team needed cross-fuctional business insights, so the company eventually decided to look for a BI tool.

They wanted a solution that could::

  • Enable seamless integration with multiple apps
  • Generate insightful reports quickly
  • Provide cross-functional insights
IMT Matcher saves £5,000/year with Zoho Analytics

"We were doing lots of manual inputting, because we had to export our systems manually and import into an Excel file, to bring it all together. It was very time-consuming, so that's when we decided we needed a BI tool."

Tom Vogler,
Head of Service and Support, IMT Matcher


Vogler evaluated Power BI and Zoho Analytics and found the latter to be an ideal choice, because of its compelling features, like an intuitive user interface and excellent pricing and support.

Initially, Zoho Analytics was deployed only for support ticket analytics. With Analytics' built-in connectors and data connectivity features, data from Zendesk was seamlessly integrated into the platform.

Impressed with the outcome, the company opted to utilize Zoho Analytics as an analytics tool for other teams as well. Pipedrive data was directly integrated into Zoho Analytics with the product's native integration, and data from Sage 50, Microsoft Planner, and DevOps was also imported into Zoho Analytics.

Vogler mentioned blending data from multiple sources as one of his favorite features. The team was also impressed by the unified business analytics framework, which made their job a lot easier.

IMT Matcher uses Zoho Analytics for:

  • Marketing analytics: To understand the customer acquisition cost, conversion rate, and cost per acquisition (CPA)
  • Finance analytics: To track the ups and downs in debtor balances, indicating shifts in distribution
  • Sales analytics: To understand the amount of total revenue, average revenue per sale, revenue growth rate, average deal size, and sales by region/market.
  • Cross functional analytics: To get a comprehensive and cohesive view of business operations, to make informed and strategic decisions
  • Customer geographic analytics: To understand customer distribution across different regions, to pinpoint their strongest markets across the globe.

"What sets Zoho Analytics apart from Power BI is that it's much more user-friendly and affordable. I'm particularly impressed by the support!"

The key benefit that IMT Matcher achieved is the reduction of resources on analytics, saving them £5,000 a year.

The team has about 15 regular users, and their reports and dashboards are shared with other users inside the company with user-based permissions.

Benefits & results

  • Seamless integration with multiple apps
  • Insightful reports
  • Saves £5,000 a year
  • Better insights from end to end