With its superior reporting, Zoho Analytics enables Servicemax to compete with bigger organizations

    ~ 20,000$saved
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"Zoho Analytics helped us create reports for clients that includes data from cloud sources, local sources, and all over the place and present it in a easily readable format. And it has also given us the ability to compete with much bigger organisations due to our superior reporting."

Adam Connor
Manager, Servicemax

About Servicemax

Servicemax is a specialist Mac support company based in Australia. They provide enterprise-class support for small- to medium-sized businesses at small business prices. They take care of every aspect of IT infrastructure, from cloud apps to virtual machines, specialist line of business applications, networking, open source, Mac deployment and more.


Adam Connor, manager at Servicemax, wanted to present statistics in a readable format to his clients. Because he had different data sources, he wanted a business intelligence tool that could easily integrate with multiple sources.

Servicemax, being an IT service provider, was using multiple services like Osquery, Mosyle MDM, Zoho Desk, Zoho Creator, Xero, and Munki. His clients used a number of third-party products to manage their network.

The problem was that there isn’t an easy management utility that will monitor and report on all of these business functions. So, instead of finding a commercial product and hoping for the best, Connor dug deep and found the best in market solutions for each business function. But now, his task became very tedious because the data was in different systems and it was almost impossible to bring all of that under one umbrella.

Connor's team was measuring a wide range of metrics using these data sources. With Osquery (originally a Facebook project), they were tracking the compliance posture of infrastructure, computers and servers. With Zoho Desk, they were analyzing customer support ticket SLAs and KPIs. With Xero, they were managing finances, and with Munki, they were tracking some Mac specific computer metrics.

Servicemax wanted a solution that could:

  • Blend data and quickly create reports
  • Enable easy integration with multiple applications
  • Enable collaborative analysis on the data.

"We have a unique client base that uses a variety of third-party applications. You might think that we have a restricted choice with macOS apps, but really there are some great tools. We were able to find solutions for most, however getting some apps to talk to each other in a meaningful way is a nightmare. This made it difficult for us to present the stats to our customers."

Adam Connor
Manager, Servicemax


Because Servicemax was a Zoho One customer, Connor thought that Zoho Analytics would be an ideal solution.

Using Zoho Analytics's data connectivity options and built-in connectors, data from Zoho Desk and Xero was seamlessly integrated into Zoho Analytics. Data from Munki were bought in via SQL and Mosyle MDM and Osquery data via API in JSON format. Using the Invoke URL function, data from Zoho Creator was bought into Zoho Analytics.

Adam was amazed by the dashboard and the widget features. The dashboards painted a clear picture of his entire business, and the widgets were very handy because they gave the exact numbers he was looking for.

Servicemax uses Zoho Analytics for:

  • Support ticket analytics: To analyze the number of open, in progress, and closed tickets, their SLA, and much more
  • Hardware analytics: To monitor information about individual computers that contain information about serial numbers, disk capacity, errors, and much more.
  • Finance analytics: To assess the viability, stability, and profitability of the business and much more.

"It's nice to have data from all of the sources to automatically import into one place, ask the data all type of interesting questions, and combine tables and do things that simply aren't possible without Zoho Analytics."

The key benefit that Servicemax has experienced by using Zoho Analytics is that it saved them many thousands dollars compared to customising some other BI solutions. It also gave them clearer insight because the dashboards are updated with real-time data.

Servicemax automatically sends the "Monthly customer report" in PDF format every month to all of their customers.

Benefits & results

  • Saves an ample amount of time.
  • Creates insightful reports and dashboards.
  • Seamlessly integrates and shares reports and dashboards.
  • Facilitates better client relationships.
  • Around $20,000 saved.