Coffee Annan saves a substantial amount of time with Zoho Analytics

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"One of the main reason we stick with Zoho Analytics is that we were able achieve a high level of automation with no technical expertise."

Marcel Lorenz
Founder & CEO, Coffee Annan

About Coffee Annan

Coffee Annan was established in Switzerland in 2019. It gives consumers the chance to buy specialty coffees directly from the producers, helping developing countries become more self-sustained through their own natural resources. Compared to the conventional coffee industry, 300% more money stays in the countries of origin—and thus with the people who deserve it most.


Marcel Lorenz, founder and CEO of Coffee Annan, crafted a mutually beneficial business model, where the countries producing the coffee are able to retain a fair share of the profits while the company helping them do it can also profit.

Coffee Annan facilitates and fosters production steps like roasting and packaging in the countries of origin. They also work as a distribution channel for coffee producers.

The issue is that the profit margin of roasting stays with the producers and not the company, and the roasting margin varies from one region to another. East Africa, for example, has a very low margin compared to countries in Europe.

Being a distribution channel, Coffee Annan needed a clear picture of the coffee supply chain, from producers to partners to investors. Reports had to be shared with investors on a weekly basis.

They also wanted to analyze the data from Microsoft Advertising (Bing Ads), Google Ads, and data from their social media platforms. Additionally, Marcel wanted a comprehensive understanding of the entire business process.

Understanding these needs and practical difficulties, Marcel realized that the only way to run a profitable company was to build the business on the cloud.

Coffee Annan wanted a solution that could provide a:

  • Enable seamless integration
  • Generate reports quickly
  • Have a short learning curve
  • Provide end-to-end business insights
Coffee Annan saves a substantial amount of time with Zoho Analytics

"I basically evaluated everything you can think of, but none of the products met our needs. Zoho, on the other hand, is very startup friendly and affordable."

Marcel Lorenz,
Founder & CEO, Coffee Annan


Marcel evaluated almost all of the top competitors and tried Salesforce and Pipedrive CRM, but they were unsatisfied with both products.

That's when Marcel decided to adopt Zoho, as he found it very startup friendly. The integration between Zoho apps and third-party apps, plus the competitive pricing, were a few of the compelling selling points.

With Zoho Analytics' built-in connectors and data connectivity features, data from other Zoho apps, Microsoft Advertising, Google Ads, and data from their social media platforms were seamlessly integrated into their new analytics platform.

Marcel was also impressed with the data preparation capabilities and striking visualizations available in Zoho Analytics. He found the automated reporting feature especially handy.

Coffee Annan uses Zoho Analytics for:

  • Social media analytics: To understand reach and impressions, engagement metrics, and conversion tracking.
  • Ad analytics: To understand and get insights on impressions, click-through rate (CTR), conversion tracking, and return on ad spend (ROAS).
  • Sales analytics: To understand the number of deals closed, average deal size, total revenue, and sales growth rate.
  • Cross functional analytics: To get a comprehensive and cohesive view of business operations, to make informed and strategic decisions

"I use Zoho Analytics for stakeholder management. It helps me keep them updated in a fully automated fashion."

The key benefit that Coffee Annan saw with Zoho was the automation of their entire operations. They were able to achieve all of this in-house, without the need to hire for technical expertise.

Previously, their weekly reports for investors were tedious and time-consuming. After implementing Zoho Analytics, this report was scheduled and is now rolled out automatically, every week. This automation enabled a substantial amount of time savings.

Benefits & results

  • Seamless integration with multiple apps
  • Insightful reports
  • Short learning curve
  • Better insights from end to end