ArtiCAD uses Zoho Analytics' real-time reporting and conversational AI tool to improve visibility of key metrics across the business.


ArtiCAD a UK-based company established in 1992, is a software producer for the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom industry, serving thousands of designers, retailers, and manufacturing specialists worldwide. They have subsidiary companies in North America, the Republic of Ireland, South Africa, and also some distribution partnerships in Australia and New Zealand.

The company wanted to enhance the customer experience with data-driven insights from their support analytics. To achieve this they started by analyzing the number of support tickets, technical support tickets, and other relevant gauges of performance.

Being a Zoho One customer, they found it effortless to integrate with other apps and the 100+ prebuilt reports possessed everything they needed. The drill-down feature enabled them to dive deep into the finer details of their data, and the filter feature made it easy for them to keep track of their subsidiary companies. Ask Zia fostered user-friendly interaction while building complex reports and simplified the process to a great extent.