Adviso switches to Zoho Analytics because of its dynamic reporting capability

Louis-Dominic ParizeauDirector of Adviso

Zoho Analytics enabled us to create KPIs with complex business logics built-in. It's easy enough but at the same time quite powerful for a marketer to use. Personally, it's my number one tool for reporting.


Adviso is an agency comprising of fifty plus internet marketing and strategy experts. Their team has a passion for the web, and guides their clients towards the success of their web properties with a rigorous strategic and results-based culture. In 2011 and 2012, Adviso was recognized as one of the fifty fastest-growing companies in Canada in the prestigious PROFIT 200 contest.


The company has an app on Zoho Creator for project management, time tracking and billing. Initially, they were using the reports in Zoho Creator which weren't adequate enough for them. Traditional spreadsheets were too manual and didn't solve their purpose. They tried tools like Domo, DashThis, Tableau and Google Sheets. Either the tools didn't solve their purpose, or were too costly.


Adviso switched to Zoho Analytics. Louis-Dominic Parizeau, Director of Operations, says that he and his team found Zoho Analytics was easy enough to learn and work with, but at the same time quite powerful. At Adviso, Zoho Analytics is currently used for internal reporting. Zoho Analytics has enabled Louis-Dominic and his team to create KPIs with complex business logic built-in, communicate these KPIs at a very high, as well as a very granular level, all in real-time. They use the dashboards of Zoho Analytics at every executive and team meeting.
Their new project involves creating reports for their clients. It is a complex project that includes hundred of thousands of rows of data, and blends data from different data sources together.

We have a new project where we create reports for our clients. It is a complex project that includes hundred of thousands of rows, and joins data from different data sources together. We are doing this project using Zoho Analytics. Zoho Analytics drastically reduces the time needed to create reports, and this frees up our time, which we now spend on more value-added tasks.

Benefits & Results

By implementing Zoho Analytics, Louis-Dominic Parizeau at Adviso reaped the below benefits and results.

  • Easy blending of data from multiple sources, allowing him to create insightful reports from discrete data sources.
  • Huge saving of time, in creating reports and sharing them with clients.
  • Dashboards that show KPIs, both at very high and granular levels.