Zoho Analytics empowers TMI Network—India's largest recruitment firm


TMI Network is the talent acquisition and next-gen staffing solutions arm of TMI Group, which is an India-based company established in 1991. They're a pioneer in large-scale recruiting of frontline employees, medium to senior level talent, and flexible staffing solutions across a variety of industries, including manufacturing, BFSI, consumer goods, retail, and IT.

Being a talent acquisition company, they had a lot of data to leverage. Between processing an application and finishing onboarding, a lot of data and documentation has to be stored and verified. They also had to manage the sales reports from promoters and share reports with their clients.

They used to be dependent on Excel for all their reports—it was a very tedious process, and they weren't able to keep pace with the demand coming from their client base as well as internally.

Then they realized that cloud-based reporting tools would be an ideal solution to address the issue. Since TMI was already a Zoho customer, Zoho Analytics became their natural choice.

Once they integrated their data sources into Zoho Analytics, they were able to create reports and dashboards within minutes. Zoho Analytics gave them clear insights into their business and transformed HR's approach to work.