Lice Clinics of America increases business productivity by 25% using Zoho Analytics

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    25%Increase in Productivity
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"Zoho Analytics' ability to integrate and blend data from multiple sources and create deep valuable insights out of it is the key. Once you sync the data and build reports there is no necessity to go back and refeed the data into it. It does it automatically."

Jessica Eddowes
Vice President of Digital Marketing & Ecommerce, Lice Clinics of America

About Lice Clinics of America

Lice Clinics of America, a division of Larada Sciences, is a network of head lice treatment centers. They have an FDA-approved medical device that dehydrates lice and eggs in a single 60 minute visit. Started in 2014, Lice Clinics of America have 200 clinics across the US and 300 clinics worldwide. Larada Sciences is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Challenges: Multiple systems, but no analysis

Jessica Eddowes is the VP of Digital Marketing and Ecommerce at Lice Clinics of America. Her primary responsibilities include SEO, social media management, analytics, and IT. She handles a team of 25.

With over 200 centers in the US and 300 worldwide, the company had complex data sets coming in from multiple systems and were unable to analyze and get actionable information out of it. They needed a BI solution that could integrate data from all systems into one analytics platform to generate deep decisive observations.

The company was looking for insights on multiple levels:

  • Create an overall KPI dashboard for their clinics
  • Identity potential franchises and top clinics that make the highest sales
  • Identify and share the best practices and trends

Above all, they wanted this information to come in real time so the management could make better decisions. Their earlier tool, Microsoft Excel, did not meet these needs because it could not handle the overly complex requirements and huge tasks.

The company wanted a solution that could:

  • Integrate and blend data from all data sources, without manual intervention
  • Create insightful reports and dashboards, and publish them to C-level executives and committee members
  • Enable collaborative analytics with more than 50+ users

"We are a small team handling multiple clinics worldwide with data stored in different systems. We wanted a BI tool in place that can streamline various data, integrates and derives insights out of it. All these were to be done without manual intervention, so that we can focus on our core business."

Jessica Eddowes
Vice President of Digital Marketing & Ecommerce, Lice Clinics of America

Solution: End to end insights using Zoho Analytics

Jessica Eddowes evaluated all leading BI platforms, but wasn't convinced with the unified blending capability they offered. Being a long time Zoho customer and having used Zoho CRMZoho DeskZoho Creator and Zoho Forms, she chose Zoho Analytics.

With Zoho Analytics' built-in connector and data connectivity options, data from multiple Zoho systems was seamlessly integrated and blended for end-to-end business analysis, using built-in connectors and auto-blending options.

Features like easy integration with Zoho apps, drill downs, user filters, visual interactions, drag and drop, and many more, enabled their top management to slice and dice data with ease.

The company uses Zoho Analytics for:

  • Overall KPI dashboard: Track individual clinic performances and total marketing activities done by clinics, identify leading clinics with highest sales, and create overall bench marking reports.
  • Support metrics, like average resolution time per ticket, total overdue tickets, total emails received from customers, and total response time.
  • Sales metrics: Measuring monthly online sales, total open leads, the number of leads closed per month, and response time taken for strong leads, as well as identifying and separating strong and weak leads.

"When we started, I was looking for an analytics tool that could develop a KPI dashboard to compare performance of our executive clinics. But now, with analytics, we are able to track individual store performance and their marketing efforts, along with measuring key KPIs. Additionally, the bench marking reports created in Zoho Analytics helps us to identify trends and best practices that are shared with other clinics so that they also improve their performance."

With Zoho Analytics, Lice Clinics was able to track their overall sales performance, identify gaps in customer service, and start focusing on fixing them. They now have complete visibility about each clinic and its performance. This gives their management a complete picture at any point in time, with areas identified to improve customer experience. 

In addition, their bench marking reports helped the company identify the best practices followed in top clinics and share it with other clinics.

Using Zoho Analytics, Lice Clinics of America was able to analyze their data and get results. This took 4-5 hours of manual effort before, and now takes just minutes, freeing nearly 25% of their team's time to focus on their core business. So Zoho Analytics became their centralized BI solution.

The reports and dashboards are shared with more than 50+ key stakeholders, clinic owners, and customers with user based permissions, accessible anywhere, at any time across all devices.

Benefits & results

  • 25% increase in business productivity
  • Enabled tracking of revenue contribution from clinics across regions
  • Enabled sharing of best practices and trends across clinics 
  • Collaborative analytics with more than 50+ users