Versa Creative saves 5,000 man-hours per year with Zoho Analytics.

    5000man-hours/year saved
    2data sources


Versa Creative is a marketing and advertising agency based in Texas with over 10 years of experience in both traditional and digital marketing.

The company offers advertising and marketing services to a fast-growing customer base and has a huge volume of data to manage. With information scattered across Excel and Google Sheets, Versa was plagued by duplicate records and it became tedious and difficult to consolidate data in one place for analysis.

After adopting Zoho Analytics, Versa has been able to import its sales and projects data and auto-sync periodically from multiple applications. With Zoho Analytics, data analysis is much easier, and the company has increased its overall efficiency. Now, the Versa team can deliver consistent service to clients and stay on track to continue growing.

Versa Creative saved an estimated 5,000 hours of labor per year by implementing Zoho Analytics.