Zoho Analytics enables end-to-end business insights for ON TIME Logistics

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    25%More data analyzed than before

"Zoho Analytics is very easy to set up and easy to learn. It got us quick results and it has a very intuitive user interface. Though simple, it has a lot of enhanced features that go to a fairly sophisticated level. It's robust and stable, and it makes it easy for me and my team to create dashboards and collaborate."

Filip Goossens
CEO & MD of ON TIME Logistics

About ON TIME Logistics

Established 30 years ago, as ASX-IBECO, ON TIME Logistics has grown over the years into a dynamic courier company with a strong base in Antwerp, Belgium. Inspired by the needs of customers, it has developed a wide range of logistics services, including last mile distribution, international distribution, mail room operations, and board services. In 2019, ASX-IBECO and ON TIME merged and became ON TIME Logistics. With a portfolio of 1,500 customers and a transaction happening every 3 seconds, the company is on an inspiring growth trajectory.

The challenge: Multiple systems, diverse data

Filip Goossens is the CEO & managing director at ON TIME Logistics. One of his primary responsibilities is to centralize analytics and reporting across diverse systems and business functions.

ON TIME Logistics is the result of the acquisition of different companies that have data in legacy systems and in different formats. Till now, the teams have used different systems for storing information. This means they created reports in silos and manually analyzed their data.

The company was looking to set up a BI system for all their business units, to get a 360-degree view of their operations. They were using Excel, but it just didn't have the capability to integrate reports, which became a daunting task every month.

They were looking for a centralized analytics solution that could bring data from all these sources into one place, and present meaningful information on dashboards that could also be collaborated on with clients.

ON TIME Logistics wanted a BI solution that could:

  • Analyze data received from multiple systems
  • Create insightful reports and dashboards, and publish them to employees and customers
  • Enable secured sharing of reports and dashboards with user-based permissions

"With our acquisition of different companies, the data across the organization was in many different systems and formats. Most of them used different systems for storing information and we needed one place where we could store and convert all the information into reports, and present it in a meaningful way."

Filip Goossens
CEO & MD of ON TIME Logistics

The solution: End-to-end business insights

ON TIME Logistics was already a customer of Zoho CRM. Their search for a BI tool narrowed it down to Zoho Analytics, and after they tried the free version, they were impressed by its capabilities. They didn't even look at other BI tools, as Zoho Analytics matched their requirements perfectly.

The company had the need to bring in data from multiple internal sources, such as sales data from Zoho CRM and revenue and operational data from their internal systems.

With Zoho Analytics's built-in connectors and data connectivity options, CRM data was seamlessly integrated and blended with data from internal databases for end-to-end business insights, while data from internal systems was brought in through FTP connections.

Features like being easy to set up, an intuitive user interface, drag-and-drop, drill-downs, user filters, visual interactions, and much more, enabled department heads to visualize data with ease, without any IT support.

The company now uses Zoho Analytics for tracking and reporting the following metrics:

  • Corporate customer reports, like delivery performance, customer bookings, package tracking, and day-to-day performance.
  • Sales metrics, like how many sales happened every month, quarterly revenue generation reports,etc.
  • Operational metrics, like monthly operational reports, warehouse benchmark analysis, driver performance reports, deliveries done per driver per day, good/bad ratings per day, and much more.

"Our daily report is key to us, where we analyze our different warehouses across the country and benchmark them on how much volume each has, how many shipments have been delivered, and all the quality KPIs. Every day, we all wait to see the benchmark between our warehouses on this one KPI dashboard. In this report, we get to see metrics like number of drivers, number of shipments delivered, why it's not delivered, and get an account of the number of packages that were operated in our warehouses. This kind of day-to-day analysis, tracking, and collaboration are now all done using Zoho Analytics."

Implementing Zoho Analytics enabled ON TIME Logistics to analyze data in one console and give hidden insights to departmental managers instead of raw data.

With Zoho Analytics, ON TIME Logistics were now able to analyze 25% more data than before uncovering more insights and generating more growth for their business.

Features like being easy to set up, an intuitive user interface, drag-and-drop, drill-downs, user filters, visual interactions, and much more, enabled department heads to visualize data with ease, without any IT support.

The reports and dashboards created from Zoho Analytics are shared with 100+ users, including employees, customers, and leadership. These dashboards are accessible at anytime, from anywhere, and with its interactivity features, Analytics enables users to perform analysis easily.

Benefits & results

  • 25% more data analyzed to support the business with useful insights
  • One single interface to analyze data from multiple systems
  • Enabled end-to-end business insights
  • Enabled consistency in reporting
  • Collaborative analytics with 100+ users.