Zoho Analytics enables better client relationships for Engineered Media

    ~20%Increase in productivity
    2Data Sources

"Zoho One was very appealing, and the price was a compelling factor. With one license we were able to access a lot of apps."

Adrian Cooney
Managing Director, Engineered Media

About Engineered Media

Engineered Media is a South Africa-based advertising services company that has a long-standing reputation in digital media, offering complete online media solutions with numerous digital strategies. They offer a wide variety of services, like digital marketing, Google ads, lead generation, designing and optimizing websites, and engineering directory, where they connect companies and buyers.


Adrian Cooney is the managing director of Engineered Media. He was looking for a tool that could help him manage his entire work flow, and also had seamless integration with different apps.

As an advertising service company, they had a lot of data points to analyze, from lead conversion to sales. They had their leads data in Zoho CRM and ad campaign data in Google Ads.

The internal system that they relied on for 15 years to create reports wasn't able to match their present day demand. So Cooney started looking for other tools to get the job done. He assessed popular BI tools like HubSpot CRM, SugarCRM, 1CRM, and Salesforce, but none met the company's needs.

Engineered Media wanted a solution that could:

  • Create better data visualizations
  • Enable easy integration with different apps
  • Provide analysis on a campaign's metrics

"We had our internal systems for the past 15 years to create reports, but we had to move away from that because the software became quite old, and was not able to meet our present needs."

Adrian Cooney
Managing Director, Engineered Media


Engineered Media, being a Zoho One customer, thought Zoho Analytics might be the ideal solution.

Using its data connectivity options and built-in connector, data from Zoho CRM and Google Ads were seamlessly integrated into Zoho Analytics.

Cooney was awed by the visual representation and precision of the data. He was also impressed with the dashboard and user filter features, as they enabled clients to pick ranges by themselves.

Engineered Media uses Zoho Analytics for:

  • Ad analytics: To analyze ad spends vs ad clicks, start and end dates of campaigns, and much more
  • Lead analytics: To report and evaluate marketing strategies used to understand leads

"Zoho Analytics has made it very easy to see what is happening in the company, and to manage the company overall."

The key benefit Engineered Media achieved with Zoho Analytics is that it has enabled excellent reporting, which helps them retain their clients. The productivity of the company has also increased by ~20%.

Their dashboards and reports are shared with about 20 users within internal teams.

Benefits & results

  • ~20% increase in productivity
  • Better client relationships
  • Insightful reports and dashboards
  • Effortless report sharing