Zoho Analytics delivers 360° customer analytics for Duratuf

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"Zoho Analytics provides everything on a single platform. That is commendable, and we think it's highly underrated right now!"

Rishav Singh
Manager in Technology, Duratuf

About Duratuf

Duratuf, is one of India's fastest-growing industrial rubber-item manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters, with 12+ years experience in the field. Their product portfolio consists of 53+ rubber products, including electrical insulation mats, cow mats, rubber sheets, and various other rubber and PVC products. They've catered to the needs of 2,700+ customers across 45+ countries and 7,100+ successful projects.


Rishav Singh is the manager of technology at Duratuf, and he looks after the company's business intelligence unit. The technology team, being an integral part of Duratuf, monitors and records every aspect of the business.

As a part of the many things they do, the team studies 360° customer engagement, mapping the path from first touch till successful purchase and after.The team not only wants to understand the customer's journey but also gather insights on various teams' contributions in moving a prospect down the marketing funnel.

Apart from this, as a part of digital marketing, Duratuf also runs campaigns on Google Ads. They wanted to analyze their campaign stats, such as impressions, clicks, click-through rate (CTR), cost per click (CPC), conversions, conversion rate, and much more.

They also wanted to show their sales and supply chain team their physical stock report however they didn't want to provide the supply chain team with access to Zoho Books since they keep books access limited and they had to put a lot of filters to view the proper report.

To enable this, and to extract trustworthy insights, Duratuf wanted all their data scrubbed and prepped at any given time.

Duratuf wanted a solution that could:

  • Provide analysis on ad campaign metrics
  • Enable quick creation of accurate reports
  • Derive in-depth end-to-end business insights
Zoho Analytics delivers 360° customer analytics for Duratuf

"We wanted our data to be cleansed and always ready, so that we could analyze and upscale our process. We record every aspect of how our business process runs. So we wanted a platform where everything can be managed."

Rishav Singh
Manager in Technology, Duratuf

Solution: Zoho Analytics

Being a Zoho One customer, Duratuf uses Zoho CRM to capture leads and potentials, Zoho Books to maintain inventory, Zoho Projects to track team tasks, and a logistics application is maintained in Zoho Creator to track sales orders.

Leveraging Zoho Analytics' built-in connector for Zoho One, and its seamless integration capabilities, data from these apps was effortlessly brought into Analytics. By utilizing auto-modeling techniques in Zoho Analytics, Duratuf gained 360° insights through cross-functional analysis, enabling them to make well-informed decisions.

Rishav was also impressed by the fact that Zoho Analytics enables him to perform Excel's and Google Sheets' formula/aggregate function, write SQL queries, and present a dashboard—all in one place.

With the help of Zoho Analytics Team, Rishav managed to build the physical stock SQL Query on Zoho Analytics and prepared a Warehouse wise Physical Stock report & shared it to both Sales & Supply Chain Team.

Duratuf uses Zoho Analytics for:

  • Sales analytics: To understand their sales performance, sales person evaluation, revenue & gross profit analysis, sales forecasting, pricing strategy, sales funnel analysis
  • Inventory analytics: Efficient warehouse-wise inventory management, facilitated by the robust Inventory Management System, optimizes inventory turns and informs strategic decisions through insights like the ageing stock summary, ultimately empowering informed choices for stock order estimation.
  • Customer insights: To view customer behavior, preferences, repeat purchases, purchase frequency, domestic vs international split study, domestic vs international heat map comparison study
  • Logistic analytics: An app on Zoho Creator is created and the particular application is connected to Zoho Analytics to analyse all logistics related reports as well as month provision figures

"Unlike other BI tools, Zoho Analytics, as a single platform, allows you to create Excel/Google Sheets formulas or aggregate functions, write SQL queries, and present all this on a dashboard."

The key benefit that Duratuf achieved using Zoho Analytics is enhanced customer experience. Zoho Analytics also gave them an in-depth picture of every facet of their business.

The Sales, Supply Chain, Finance & HR Departments at Duratuf benefits from the reports created using Zoho Analytics, and the dashboards and reports are shared with over 25 users across the company

Impressed by the results, they're planning to integrate Zoho Analytics with their social media and marketing platforms.

Benefits & results

  • Seamless integration with multiple apps
  • Created insightful reports
  • Effortless sharing of reports across the team
  • Enabled better insight into customer and lead behavior