Lotus Petal Foundation provides complete transparency to their donors with Zoho Analytics


Lotus Petal Foundation is an India-based nonprofit organization founded in 2011, with the primary objective to create equal opportunities for underprivileged children living in urban and semi-urban areas.

As their operation grew, they wanted to be more transparent with their sponsors and donors regarding financial transactions—ensuring they were informed about the positive impact their contributions were helping generate.

Initially, they were using Excel for this purpose, but there was room for improvement. Then Zoho Analytics came to their attention on social media, and the Lotus Petal Foundation found it very simple, cost-effective, and easy to learn.

After adopting Zoho Analytics, they were able to identify the gaps in their program implementation that had previously slipped their attention, enabling them to implement their program more effectively.

Zoho Analytics also helped them communicate their work, performance, and financial details to donors in a simple and meaningful way.