Zoho Analytics achieves 15% cost savings for Rental Car Manager

    3Different Data Sources
    15%Expenses saved

"We use Zoho Analytics' white-label solution and Zoho products for internal team. I can say from the feedback that our customers are very happy with the BI platform and Zoho has been a big value add to our product."

Marc Andrew
Senior Developer, Rental Car Manager

About Rental Car Manager

Rental Car Manager, is a software company based in Australia. They provide backend management software for rental vehicle companies. Their services begin from the moment a new booking is received—Reservation Sheet tells users which vehicles are available at which location and when. Rental Car Manager then continues to track every booking and aspect of the operation, from vehicle maintenance right through to the reporting of sales, rates, and utilization analysis.


From customers

The company had a vast customer network and they received multiple requests from their client base to access their respective booking, maintenance, and operator sales data in a quickly customizable and comprehensible manner.

The booking data includes all the bookings a customer has in their Rental Car Manager system. The maintenance data includes data about vehicles in for routine maintenance or damage repairs, maintenance status, and the individual who's assigned for that maintenance. The operator sales data includes data about the sales staff commission for certain extras, like roadside assistance and insurance.

Though the company had a lot of data export APIs, only a specific demographic of customers exports the data themselves to their BI solutions and prepares reports.

A sizable client base consists of medium- and small-sized companies, and they didn't have the resources to do the analysis themselves. Rental Car Manager wanted to be able to provide customizable embedded reports and dashboards or an integrated reporting module for these customers.

From the company

Furthermore, the company also wanted to analyze their support tickets, revenue growth, and customer engagement.

Rental Car Manager assessed Microsoft Power BI and found that it would be challenging for non-technical users, and the pricing was too high.

Rental Car Manager wanted a solution that had:

  • API compatibility
  • User-friendliness and custom reporting
  • The ability to deliver in-depth insights
  • Transparent and affordable pricing
Zoho Analytics achieves 15% cost savings for Rental Car Manager

"Our main alternate would have been Power BI, but we quickly found that the pricing and user-friendliness wouldn't quite work for a lot of our customers."

Marc Andrew
Senior Developer, Rental Car Manager

The solution

After evaluating Power BI and Zoho Analytics, Rental Car Manager decided that Zoho Analytics was the clear-cut choice. Analytics had everything they were looking for, with user-friendliness and pricing being two of the most compelling factors.

The company decided to go with a white-label BI solution to better cater to the expectations of its customers. Marc remarked that their customers, particularly those who aren't tech-savvy, expressed satisfaction with their new BI tool experience, specifically highlighting Zia Insights as particularly impressive.

Impressed by the tool, customers also brought in data from the third-party data sources that they were using. Data was bought from Google Ads, customer satisfaction surveys, and Mailchimp into Zoho Analytics with built-in connectors and import options.

Rental Car Manager customers use Zoho Analytics' while-label solution for:

  • Fleet utilization analytics: Zoho Analytics enabled their customers to create custom utilization reports that are tailored to their needs. Combining booking data with other data, they were able to get insights on current and future utilizations, compare past utilizations, and drill down into specific vehicle types, locations, and more.
  • Branch/staff satisfaction analytics: By blending Rental Car Manager data with the results of customer satisfaction surveys, customers were able to get insights on how certain locations and staff are performing and compare them to their counterparts—enabling management to identify who needs additional training/improvement and who deserves recognition.
  • Yield/sales analytics: Enabled management to compare yields by location and salespersons, and see who the best and worst performers were.
  • Commission analytics: Customers can create their own commission reports to calculate staff commissions based on their own criteria and metrics.
  • KPI analytics: Customers analyze their own unique KPIs, like average rental rates, total number of days booked during a certain period, and more.
  • Maintanence analytics: They're now able to analyze the number of vehicles in for repairs or maintenance, service status, and the individual who's assigned for that service.

The company also started using other Zoho products, like Zoho Books, Zoho Desk, Zoho Billing, Zoho Vault, Zoho Assist, Zoho Projects, SalesIQ, and Zoho Analytics for internal purposes.

Using Zoho Analytics' built-in connector, data from Zoho Desk, Zoho Billing, and Zoho Books is now seamlessly integrated into Zoho Analytics

Andrew was particularly impressed with the visually rich dashboards, the pivot table feature, and Zia Insights.

Rental Car Manager uses Zoho Analytics for::

  • Support analytics: With the Zoho Desk integration, the company is able to analyze the number of open tickets, closed tickets, companies that generate the highest load for the support team, and more.
  • Revenue analytics: With the Zoho Billing integration, they can keep track of customers, billing cycles, tax compliance, and more.
  • Quote module analytics: With the Zoho Books integration, they can generate quotes and invoices for customers, and analyze companies that are paying more for custom work.

"Zoho Analytics' interface is much easier to use from a non-technical person's point of view. Feedback we heard from the customers that didn't have their own BI solution already is that it's been fantastic overall."

The key benefit Rental Car Manager achieved with Zoho Analytics is the white-label service that enabled their customers to effortlessly construct reports on their own. Customers are now able to get in-depth analysis on the key metrics they're looking for.

Zoho Analytics also saved 15% on expenses by exposing the key areas where the company was spending too much. It has even helped Rental Car Manager get a better understanding of their clients by providing insights on their business activity.

The dashboards and key reports are shared with about 10 users, including both internal teams and stakeholders.

Benefits & results

  • Short learning curve for non-technical users
  • Interactive and informative reports and dashboards
  • In-depth insights available on end-to-end business
  • 15% saved on unnecessary expenses
  • Customer satisfaction improved