Theometrics Consulting chooses Zoho Analytics as their preferred white-label analytics platform


Theometrics Consulting provides decision-making support to clients through their analytics platform, VizNumbers, aiding companies in managing their data and databases.

They chose Zoho Analytics as their preferred white-label solution, as it enabled them to combine data from different data sources and was easy to use. Before Zoho Analytics, they tried QlikView, IBM Congos, and BusinessObjects, but none of the products met their requirements.

Politic Data and Guy Hoquet L'Immobilier were just some of Theometrics Consulting's many clients that experienced substantial gains from Zoho Analytics.

Jean-Marie, co-founder of Politic Data, said that Zoho Analytics played a crucial role in publishing data about the French election online and in a book. He also mentioned that it enabled readers to find relevant business information more quickly, and analyze more complex information faster.

Patrick Gouait, co-manager at Guy Hoquet L'Immobilier said that he was able to centralize the data from all 8 real estate agencies with Zoho Analytics, powered by VizNumbers.