Zoho Analytics reduces software expenses by 30% for Cementos Progreso

    Reduced 50% time spent in reports
    2Different Data Sources

"With Zoho Analytics, the time spent in creating charts, reports and dashboards went down by 50%. More importantly, our software expenses were reduced by 30%!"

Moises Ochoa
Application Engineer, Cementos Progreso

About Cementos Progreso

Cementos Progreso, is a Guatemala-based cement manufacturing company, founded in 1899. The company has been in the production and marketing of cement, concrete, lime, and other products, services, and solutions for the construction industry for more than a century. The company is recognized for its Code of Values, Ethics and Conduct, which has allowed it to enter the ranking of the world's most ethical companies for six consecutive years.

The company has also been recognized as one of the best companies to work for in Latin America, and the best in Central America and the Caribbean, by Great Place to Work every year since 2010.


Moises Ochoa, application engineer in the IT department at Cementos Progreso, wanted a more sophisticated way to visualize their data, as well as a tool that could be integrated with third-party applications without any hassle.

As an IT department of a large-scale company, they had to maintain data for different aspects of the operation. They used ServiceDesk Plus Cloud to follow up on the tickets raised by their employees, but they also had to maintain data for their IT projects.

Ochoa used Excel to prepare these reports, but he found it to be time-consuming, and it also required a substantial amount of manual effort.

Other teams at Cementos used Power BI, so Ochoa wanted to try it, too. But Power BI didn't have an integration with ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus Cloud, and that was a roadblock for him.

Cementos Progreso wanted a solution that could:

  • Enable quick creation of reports
  • Integrate with other apps without hassle
  • Enable slicing and dicing of data
Zoho Analytics reduces software expenses by 30% for Cementos Progreso

"Excel demanded a lot of manual work and it also consumed a lot of time. So we tried Power BI, but were not so impressed by it. Also, ServiceDesk Plus Cloud didn't integrate with Power BI. We evaluated Google Data Studio too, but it was not satisfactory."

Moises Ochoa
Application Engineer, Cementos Progreso

Solution: Zoho Analytics

Moises wanted to try Power BI since other departments were using it, but Power BI didn't have any integration with ServiceDesk Plus Cloud. He also evaluated Google Data Studio, but found that Zoho Analytics was more efficient and easier to use.

Using Zoho Analytics' data connectivity options and built-in connectors, ServiceDesk Plus Cloud seamlessly integrated with Zoho Analytics, and the data from IT projects was brought in using MySQL.

Ochoa was impressed by the visual representation of their data. He also said Ask Zia is his favorite feature, and he regularly uses it to create charts.

Cementos Progreso uses Zoho Analytics for:

  • Ticket analytics: To analyze the number of open tickets, closed tickets, tickets in progress, tickets per month, and much more.
  • Project analytics: To check the status of projects, number of projects assigned per project management associate, type of project, and much more.

"Zoho Analytics enabled us to create reports, charts, and dashboards very easily, and the best thing is Zoho Analytics doesn't take much time to do this. Personally, Ask Zia is one of my favorite features, and I use it to create charts."

The key benefit that Cementos Progreso achieved using Zoho Analytics was the 50% time saved on creating reports. Zoho Analytics also saved them 30% on license fee expenses.

The team has about 15 regular users, and the reports and dashboards are shared with about 25 other users inside the company.

Benefits & results

  • 50% of time spent on report creation saved
  • 30% of expenses spent on user licensing saved
  • Created insightful reports and dashboards
  • Effortless report sharing across the organization