Raaho created a data-driven culture with Zoho Analytics


Raaho is an India-based freight management company that connects shippers to truckers nationwide. Their mission is to digitize freight in India.

The company initially began with Excel, like most startups, as they had very few use cases. As the customer base grew, they realized they wouldn't be able to make much headway with spreadsheets.

Bringing data from different data sources under one umbrella was difficult, and employees found it difficult to access and gather information from the data they had.

The decision to go with Zoho Analytics was mainly driven by its intuitive user-friendly interface, ironclad security, and customizable access. Zoho Analytics as a tool has helped them drive that data-driven culture.

Zoho Analytic created visibility on employee performance, both for management and the employees themselves. The real-time sales dashboard created in Zoho Analytics has also been a game changer for the company.