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Using Zoho CRM (Free Edition) and loving it so far.

- ConfigLabs @Configlabs

- 1GalRevolution @1GalRevolution

I'm quite impressed, is a fantastic way to integrate all your CRM and Project management needs. I'm quite impressed & yes they're my client too.

All dumpling'd out... now configuring my CRM. FYI, I chose Zoho.

- williamon @williamon

- jimsnyder @jimsnyder

I use zoho crm. Very easy and free for 10 users. I used to use Salesforce and this is similar for the basic use of CRM.

Just tried Zoho CRM - great tool for my needs.

- darrenlellis darrenlellis

- benscratch benscratch

We use Zoho for CRM. Fairly clunky, but powerful, and low-cost. Used highrise and binned it after a couple of weeks.